April 21, 2011

Happy birthday, James McAvoy!

Where has the week gone? (I can say this because I have tomorrow off from school. Three day weekends are the best.)

We're watching the movie Dead Poets Society in English class. I figured if you'd never heard of it, you should watch the trailer, but then I realized it was essentially an ad for Robin Williams and recommend you just read this instead. I like the movie so far.

I was nominated and elected to be President of Mu Alpha Theta (math tutoring organization) next year. I'm a nerd and thus excited by the prospect of this.

I was tagged by the always hilarious Natalie to take this quiz.

What did you do 10 years ago?
Dressed barbies, annoyed my older brothers, and played rec soccer generally.

What did you do one year ago?
This. (Now I'm glad I did BEDA last year too.)

Five snacks that you like?
Goldfish, strawberries, popcorn, salad (does that count?) and Sun Chips.

Five songs which you know the whole lyrics to?
Maybe I'm Just Tired -- As Tall As Lions, Your Ex-Lover Is Dead -- Stars, Read My Mind -- The Killers, Awkward Kisser -- Telekinesis!, and Little Secrets -- Passion Pit.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire?
Travel to Scotland. Set aside money for my parents. Donate to UNICEF. Visit all the art museums in the world. Save.

Five bad habits?
Saying sorry when it's unnecessary. Correcting others publicly. Putting off homework to the morning. Wasting time on Facebook. Never finishing certain art projects.

Five things you like to do?
Meet people. Write. Read. Create something artistic/creative. Watch movies and TV.

Five things you would never dress in or buy?
Heels (unless my life absolutely depended on it). Short shorts. Bangles. Tube tops. Earrings.

Five favorite toys?

Phone. Wii. Computer. Camera. Can't think of a fifth toy.

Five people I'd like to see taking this quiz?
Anyone that says they will. Don't make me choose just five!

My outfit today:
Dress -- Forever 21, sandals -- Zappos

Have a good weekend!



    Also, I'm always saying sorry... like all the time.

  2. Haha you linked your post from last year too! My gosh, how I do love Forever 21...

  3. I love, love your dress!

  4. ...and I saw Dead Poet's Society on the plane, and wept bitterly. It was beautiful.

  5. Dead Poets Society... another movie I still have yet to see! I'll add it to my list. And yeah, I cannot wear heels for the life of me either, haha. I love love love your dress! :)