April 18, 2011

Hear my voice.


  1. That was kind of amazing. No lies. Very funny :) Also, The Glass Menagerie...just read it...it is the best of the best. Oh and also don't feel weird about having two Great Gatsby's because I myself have two Catcher in the Rye's (if that even counts for something.)

    Have a good week!

  2. BLARGH COMPUTER FOR BEING SO SLOW. No, but seriously, I love your voice 0.0 That's not creepy at all, haha. It's so...cool. Yeah. COOL.

  3. How cool!
    Makes me want to vlog again (I had one very sad attempt a year ago...)

    That mosaic is so pretty :)

  4. Very cool book marks. I have some of those.

    *flails arms about wildly*
    I like vlogs :D

    I loved all of the commentary that you added onto the video, hahaha. And the mosaic seriously looks so freaking awesome! Holden Caulfield's hat is very adorable, hehe. I always lose all the bookmarks I have and end up having to stick random scraps of paper in my books instead... And I love all of your panda memorabilia, haha!