April 20, 2011

"He's obviously not in AP. He probably can't even spell AP.''

April is an incredibly busy month. It certainly makes blogging every day difficult, but I hope that I've produced reasonably quality blogs given the circumstances. Kayley does have a good point. Isn't this process stifling my creativity? More importantly, though, I've put pressure on you readers to comment every single day and I'm sorry if this has ever turned into a chore. I've done my best to keep the content interesting and comment worthy. If it wasn't either of the two, that's fine; if there's nothing to say, then there's nothing say.

Regardless, I promise to lay off while I'm testing during May. Seriously, I probably won't even touch a computer for the entire month except to watch Biology videos or plan study groups via Facebook. And if I do blog, it will all read as stress because that's what I'll feel. This year the exams I take are important -- they're worth college credit if I pass -- and I am determined to have made it worth my while.

On another note, I received 2nd place and $30 in an Arbor Day art contest! I won third last year for my bottle cap tree. This year, I hand carved the artwork out of dry wall, painted it and added tissue paper for more effect.


  1. Your blogs have been great! :D A bit brief sometimes, certainly, but that can't be helped. You should be proud of yourself for doing it every day anyway, you know? If people didn't want to comment, they wouldn't comment :P

    Yay for getting second place! :D

  2. I agree with Strawbs! You've been doing splendidly so far. :) I mean, I know for a fact I would completely fail at BEDA. You've managed to both blog every day and keep everything consistently interesting, so that's a win in my book! And congrats on securing second place, yay!

  3. Ah and I just went to work on my Mix Tape post -- sure you most certainly can do it! Thanks muchly. :)

  4. Hooray for 2nd place! And I commend you for even doing BEDA. Kudos, kudos, and many more kudos. To you.