April 06, 2011

Tennis districts: part two.

silly me exited out of my phone browser too quickly so the post i wrote yesterday during tennis districts is forever lost in cyberspace. it was a good entry, too. oh, right, i can not type out contrations or use an exclamation mark on my phone. lame me cannot get on the computer without a dragon lady telling me i need to finish my bridge for physics. ah, this is agonizing. i will talk to you soon. and when i say soon i mean tomorrow. that is if i have not died of exhaustion. the jury is still out.


  1. Haha oh your tennis post was actually mistakingly posted on Mix Tape! So I guess it wasn't lost :)

  2. ^ Haha! I just read that. :) Props to you for keeping up with BEDA even when you seem near the point of complete exhaustion!