April 07, 2011

Time is fleeting.

I only have a matter of minutes to write this. Surprise, surprise. But, look! I'm on a computer. Tomorrow --thankfully -- is Saturday, and I may have some time to, y'know, breathe. I've had to redo my toothpick bridge (the glue is drying as I write) because my first attempt was terrible. Of course I, the talented person I am, managed to get gorilla glue on my hands, arms, and legs(!?) last night while slaving over it so I am shedding skin like a snake. We need not even mention the nose sunburn from Wednesday. I look like that one camp counselor from Holes. What's his name? Not Mr. Sir, but the other guy whose skinny and spineless. Yeah, him.

Anyway, thank you everyone for continuing to comment and give me encouraging words. Oh, and thanks also for tracking down my lost entry! I done goofed.


  1. Good luck with the toothpick bridge! I don't even know how I'd start one.

    I always get messy when doing artwork. It's part of the fun! I hate getting glue on my fingers though because I ended up leaving sticky prints all over the place.

  2. MISTER SIR. STANLEY YELNATS THE FOURTH. THERE AIN'T GONNA BE NO STANLEY YELNATS THE FIFTH! Ahem. Sorry. Just imagine me imitating that voice that he says it in. I totally know which dude you're talking about but I cannot remember his name either.

    Anyways, life sounds so hectic! Don't accidentally glue yourself to anything! This tooth pick bridge sounds like possibly one of the most time consuming and annoying projects ever. Good luck making it through to the weekend! Almost there!