April 27, 2011

Titles are for squares.

I'm getting quite excited for my Spanish field trip to the Dali Museum tomorrow. When possible, I'll try to take pictures. It's all the way across the state so the bus ride is about two and half hours both ways. And if it's like my Biology field trip, everyone will be sleeping on the ride over in the morning. In other words, it's the perfect time to work on history booknotes I've neglected! That and draw silly faces on people. Nah, I wouldn't do that...

Okay, can I also just mention how frustrating it is how when I don't procrastinate, yet the teacher does? Our final As I Lay test on Monday was pushed back to Friday and while everyone else is super friggin' excited because they couldn't find time earlier to read the sparknotes and now they can, I've already finished reading the actual book and am probably forgetting what's happened. Le sigh.

The ACT today was not too difficult; I feel confidant I did pretty good. Scores are available in 5 to 8 weeks so I'm forgetting about it until then. I shall instead focus on AICE exams that I want to ace.*

I've been working on the stop motion and am almost done! You can probably expect to see it Friday or Saturday, depending when I have time.

Talk to you tomorrow. I give you far warning, though, it may be posted from my phone so pretend that things are capitalized and what not.

*Fine, even I will admit that was pretty lame.


  1. Haha, that sounds like an awesome field trip :) One day I want to be so famous that I get an entire museum dedicated to me, and have exhausted high schoolers cramped into small buses come and see my work. I don't know if your buses are actually small, but it seemed to fit there. In fact, I imagine they are normal-sized. Quite, quite.

    Looking forward to the stop motion! :D

  2. Have a good time at the Dali Museum! And haha, that always will happen to me. I'll be so ready to take a test and then the day will get changed and by then I'll have forgotten everything again. Sigh. I'm glad the ACT wasn't too bad though! Waiting for the scores is so annoying though. Good luck on the AICE exams, and I shall be looking forward to seeing the stop motion! :)