April 19, 2011

Total blegh nevermore.

today was a long day and i have had no time to write this on a computer. as i said in my vlog i had to take science fcat today. thankfully i never have to take any fcat again. ever. the test itself was easy and our proctor was amusing. he is a serious health enthusiast (read: hippie) complete with long hair in a ponytail, an acoustic guitar in his room and a ying yang banner hanging in the corner. i hope i have him as a teacher for econ and american gov next year. he seems just as crazy as i am. obviously friends of mine do not want to put up with his antics, but frankly i do not mind if he does stretches in the middle of class. oh, and he's not unattractive. ;)

i should go to bed now.


  1. BAHAHA. Of course that last line makes it all worth it :D Yay for being done with the FCATs!

  2. I found your vlog highly amusing! And hooray for no more standardized testing! I take mine next week :P