April 30, 2011

What you've all been waiting for.

I just recently got back from a study session with Puja. We managed to complete two practice math exams and work on our biology worksheet. She and I probably could've accomplished even more if I hadn't kept making stupid arithmetic errors. Besides that, I think I'm going to do well on my AICE Math exam!

Today marks the last day of BEDA 2011 and -- probably -- the last post you'll read from me in a while. I have contemplated essentially 'queuing' or scheduling posts for May. Obviously they would not pertain to specific events, but rather be about movie and book releases I'm looking forward to, songs I've been listening to or pre-recorded vlogs. I'm not sure, though. What do you think?

Last, but not least, here's the stop motion I created of my friends Emilia and Zack! I would love feedback. (I love this Noah and the Whale song, so I flipped out when Shelby had decided to use it for her stop motion to her boyfriend.)

Catch you on the flipside.


  1. Ahhhh! I loved your stop motion video! The song choice was excellent :)

  2. Good luck with the AICE math test! I'm sure you shall do fantastically. And congrats on completing BEDA '11 successfully. :D And the video is so cute! I love that song too.