April 26, 2011


Tomorrow I take the ACT*. I'm not nervous, just incredibly superstitious. For instance, I worry if I go to bed earlier my body will not be used to it. I think that I will end up more tired in the morning versus the afternoon, which is bad for the test. Is there any logic to this notion? Probably not. That's what I mean: superstition. Sadly, I can't even help it. It's like an unhealthy mental disease.

Thursday is my Spanish field trip to the Salvidor Dali museum and Friday there are 80 kajllion** tests and quizzes to take. I'm encouraged to finish this quarter out strong, though. My interim report has all A's, including a 106% in Biology. I'm starting to think making those extra credit pamphlets on infectious diseases was one of the best decisions of my life.

*AND I get out of school early.
**Spell check refuses to recognize thisas a word, which is absurd. Even more absurd, it recommends I replace it with pavilion. Who do you think you are, spell check?***
**Let me iterate: unhealthy mental disease.


  1. Good luck on the ACT and don't stress out too much :)

    oh and ok so my word verification was potlpant. That was one letter away from being pot plant. It was quite funny :p

  2. Good luck on the ACT! I have to take it on my birthday which I'm not too happy about... Be sure to tell us how it goes. :)

    Congrats on all As! Yay! And 106% is super freaking impressive. :D