May 16, 2011

Guess what?

I don't have to think about AICE Math ever again. It is such a relief. While I liked the class itself, those exams were brutal. Mr. Junior Class Math Student of the Year sat next to me for both tests and after the one today he turned to me and declared, "that was hard," which immediately raises red flags in my head. Should I not have found it easy? Does this mean I did all the math wrong? I certainly hope not.

Tomorrow I have one of my hardest exams. Unlike AP, which probably everyone reading this is familiar with, there are no multiple choice questions for history! It's three hours to write four essays that answer questions about the various topics I've learned. The source based question (SBQ) is always about the Causes of the WWI and then you can pick three of the other subjects. I'd be curious to know if anyone else has studied Imperialism in the late 19th century, the Russian Revolution, Years between the Wars/Totalitarianism, Napoleon and the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution.

I really should be studying...

As a result, the rest of this post is just going to be a lot of photos I've taken and not shared. A massive photo dump, if you will.blouse -- Charlotte Russe, high waisted shorts -- Forever 21, shoes -- my art class, watch -- Kohl's, ring -- J.C. Penney's
tee -- Kohl's, floral skirt-- Forever 21, sandals -- madden girl, watch -- Kohl's, ring -- Forever 21, neckalce -- Forever 21
cardigan -- Forever 21, t-shirt -- J.C. Penney's, shorts -- J.C. Penney, watch -- Kohl's, shoes -- Forever 21


  1. I love that one pink outfit! Haha, it's great that you're done with AICE Math :D Haha, the first two times I wrote that I wrote 'grate.' I would most likely not to well with AICE English.

    Haha, they're called DBQs at my school. Also, they're terrible. Good luck with that.

  2. Yay for not having to deal with that math class ever again! :D I'm sure you did splendidly. As for the history exam, best of luck! Yeah, for the AP there are the multiple choice, a DBQ, and then you pick two out of four essays. We did study Imperialism and the Industrial Revolution in U.S. this year, and I remember some stuff about the other stuff from World History last year too. By the way, I should really be studying for math and physics finals right now... ah well.


  3. Ah, I actually know about the French Revolution due to the year that I spent studying it for AcaDec! Too bad I can't send you all of my knowledge over it telepathically. :(

    Oh well. Do awesome!

    aaaaaand all of your clothes are cute!

  4. Good luck on the tests and love the outfits! You definitely know how to get your money's worth! :)


  6. Oh my god, i totally feel in love with the blue owl ring! Its super cute! :)

    xo Dalia