June 05, 2011

I want you back.

While I have the review power points for biology open, it remains a neglected box on my computer's toolbox. If only it were the thought that counted. Instead, I have successfully squandered the few measly hours I've been conscious today by unnecessarily editing photo albums on Facebook, checking Flickr obsessively for new stunning photographs taken by my friend Karen, and randomly following my brother around the house whenever he emerges from the abyss of his room.

Today definitely pales in comparison to yesterday, though.

After not being able to fall asleep Friday night, I awoke Saturday morning in a frenzy because I was worried I had slept through my alarm. It was a rash theory easily disproven by the fact that I just leaped like a gazelle to silence its obnoxious "EHHH-EHHH-EHHH" noise that, for me, is comparable to nails on chalkboards. My fear wasn't irrational, I've have had instances where I did, in fact, fail to set my alarm properly. Namely this past December when I slept through my Physics midterm and swore like an inebriated sailor all the way to the attendance office.

Potential crisis averted, I went to take the SAT. My particular testing site was unorganized, to say the least. We started the test at 9:00 instead of 8:00, much to the chagrin of almost everyone there. I'm eternally grateful I wore a watch; there was not a clock in sight. Perhaps it meant nothing to her, or she's some supersmart genius, but the girl to my left was always done before time was called. I know, I know. That is one of those things I shouldn't be paying attention to while I'm still working.

Easily the best part of the whole otherwise miserable experience was seeing my best friend. She attends a different high school than I and we are both license-less making it difficult to hangout.

Five hours later, we went to go see X-Men: First Class at the theater and it was absolutely fantastic. I loved the movie and its cast. I predict the red-haired Banshee will have a long career ahead of him, not just as a Rupert Grint lookalike. Of course I thought James McAvoy was brilliant and audibly gasped and physically flailed my arms when *spoiler, but not really* his character got shot. I thought the effects were pretty cool and all, even if I generally do not enjoy the summer blockbuster genre. And perhaps I'm a complete psycho for doing so, but I took home my popcorn bag and cup because they double as souvenirs. That's not weird, is it?
You see that old lady on her cell phone in the background?
I bet she's a spy.

With my heart incredibly full of love and adventure, I braved babysitting. I've grown to know this certain family for four years now, so in a lot of ways I'm like an older sister to the aging boys. Familiarity, however, has arguably made my job both easier and more difficult. For example, the addition of a dog to the household in the past year has definitely complicated matters. I think the dog causes more mayhem then the boys combined! This "puppy" can open unlocked doors and trash compactors and will wait to do so when I have to be reading a good night story to the kids. A dubious one, she is.

Yesterday night was like normal and once they drifted off to sleep, I got comfortable on the couch. I found X-Men 2 on TV and, bemused, I began watching the final ten minutes of it and then X-Men: The Last Stand came on and I watched that until I literally passed out.

All that considered, it was a very sweetawesome day.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time I go get lost in a young Pierce Brosnan's dreamy, piercing blue eyes (pun intended).


  1. PROCRASTINATION IS THE BEST...something...I don't remember how this saying goes. Or if it's even a saying. I remember Procastination Girl always saying, "I'll do it...laterrrr!" or something like that. Yeah.

    My neighbors are like that to me :3 It's nice having people who are basically like family to you, and that you've watched grow up...haha...even when you get into a fight with the eldest sister and don't speak to her or the family for months =.= BUT NOW I'M JUST RAMBLING.

    Yes, I love the cat dress :D Haha, I don't even know what I'd do if Forever 21 wasn't there. I now pretty much get all of my clothes there. It's fantastic.

  2. The SAT was so incredibly disorganized too! Everyone was running around like chickens with their heads cut off. And we, too, didn't start until it was nearly nine o'clock. SHEESH, PEOPLE.

    Having a blast with your best friend definitely does make everything worth it, though. :) I may have to check out X-Men, though I admittedly haven't seen any of the other X-Men movies...

    I wish I had neighbors like that! I desperately need someone to let my babysit their children, because I desperately need money. But since we moved, our neighborhood has like two other houses in it, and they have no children... so... that sucks.

  3. Ugh. The SAT was not cool. This one kid in my testing room took 10 MINUTES(!!!!) to write that one paragraph(if even!) in cursive.

    But I love X-Men. So much. So, so very much.

  4. SAT's : One thing I definitely do NOT miss...

    (I do not have problem with my nots)

  5. I have NEVER seen X-Men. How sad is that? I really need to!

    oh the joy of standardized tests... you can do it! haha