June 15, 2011

It's more a question of feeling.

I was inspired by Julia to share what's in my bag. So here goes nothing.
F21 Messenger style bag, my Motorola droid (cell phone), Blistex 'external analgesic' (which sounds so wrong), cherry softlips lip protectant, panda compact, F21 floral sunglasses case, white F21 sunglasses, Belk floral wallet and Office Depot zippered pencil case (it unzips completely!)
Not pictured: My camera. Hmm...I wonder why?

Up until this year I never used to carry a purse. They were always too much of a hassle! But since I actually go out more nowadays, the need for one arose. And I caved. And I made this post. What's in your bag?

Now I'm going to go play Nancy Drew with my brother. Don't hate.


  1. That's an amazing bag. Seriously, I want that bag. The stuff inside of it is cool, too :D

    I used to have a Nancy Drew computer game, but the music scared me so much that I stopped playing X)

  2. I love that yellow. Pretty bag!

    And your wallet is SO CUTE. Mega jealous of the wallet Lizzie, mega jealous.

  3. you're bag and purse are lovely :) i love forever 21! xxx

  4. I like your bag, too. :D I never used to use one until, like, two weeks ago, haha.

    In mine: driver's license, money, iPhone, headphones, sunglasses, Chapstick... and I think that's pretty much it.

  5. i want your purse, it's so cute!

  6. I love messenger bags!
    and Forever 21 :)

  7. That purse is so cute! I want to do a what's-in-your-bag post now.

  8. Man. I can never find the right messenger style bag! I'm pretty sure you get a lot of compliments about it!

  9. Bahaha, I actually never knew that it was 'intents and...' XD Just like I thought 'epitome' was two separate words, meaning the same thing, one pronounced the right way and one pronounced ep-i-tome (no 'e' sound on the end). I mix these things up sometimes :)

    I've heard sophomore year was hard. I suppose I'm not helping myself by taking two sceince courses and signing up for a tutoring club...haha.

    Also, I never mentioned this before, but I have a toy car in my purse. One day it will be usefull :D