June 09, 2011

Let's take a bike ride.

I essentially copied Issac and made a video of me biking to a nearby park.
I apologize if you get motion sickness.
I tried my best not to make it wobble, I promise.

I hope everyone is having a superb summer or acing their finals.


  1. You people make me want to go for a bike ride! But alas, too many freaking hills around here. I would have to get off and push my bike more often than actually ride it. :P Plus it has a flat tire. Sigh.

  2. Hey, cool idea! It wouldn't be so nice if I did it, cause there constantly would be ugly cars passing :)

  3. Hey, accidentally visited your blog, but liked it! You write very well.. your style seems simple and meaningful. I liked that!
    Keep going! :)