July 09, 2011

The Red Hen and the Bald Eagle.

Unless you know a little background about my grandparents, this claymation will seem very bizarre. The main characters are my grandfather and grandmother as the bald eagle and the red hen respectively. These are nicknames they've given themselves, mind you. Instead of just grampy, or grammy, they will sign cards with their bird persona. It's just clever, cute and fitting since my grandfather is bald, and my grandmother has red hair. It's also helpful to know that my grampy loves the red sox and my grammy loves knitting, hence, well, you'll see. Plus, they refer to their home as the Thimble Cottage. Hopefully this clears up any confusion you may have.

While the quality is not where I'd want it to be at, this is the first claymation I've ever done, and I'm eager to do another. Enjoy!


  1. AWWW!!

    That's a very good claymation, especially since it's your first!

    The story was so cute :)

  2. Oh my goodness, this is so adorable! And I love the story behind it! SO CUTE. And yes, definitely fantastic work for your first ever claymation attempt, at least in my book! :D

  3. Aw! You did such a good job! I can't believe that was your first, too cute. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  4. haha cute! brady's stunt double lasso, lmao.