July 29, 2011


In the famous words of Slim Shady: I'm back, back again.

As I write this, I am sitting outside in the shade listening to an army of crickets chirp, eating banana nut cheerios straight out of the box and drinking the ever-healthy mountain dew. Try not to be too envious.

During the past 17 days, in no particular order, I've...

Started and maintained a 365 project. Cleaned my room considerably. Gotten on the mailing list for 20 different colleges. Pre-ordered The Fault in Our Stars. Sent my package to Nicola and received her package to me. Played and beat the video game Silent Hill 2 with Zack and Kyle. Seen Winnie the Pooh (for $4!) with Kai. Learned to ride the public bus. Sent letters to Amy and Natalie. Stressed out over college and senior year. Finished reading Order of the Phoenix and started The Half Blood Prince in an effort to finish the book series before I see Deathly Hallows Part 2. Thanks to a blogger friend on turntable the other night, had this song stuck in my head. Gossiped, played Apples to Apples, watched Rubber and laughed until I cried at Regina's 17th birthday party. Ordered, but have not been allowed to open*, my first DSLR camera (a Canon EOS Rebel T3!) Gone school supplies shopping. And, last but not least, considered opening an etsy shop.

I have less than two weeks before school starts again, which means that I have less than two weeks to get my permit. In case you forgot, you can get your permit at 15 in Florida...and I turn 17 in approximately two months.

*I struck a deal with my mom. Completed college applications in exchange for the camera. Ooh, she's clever. (A few minutes ago) *door bell rings* "OH MY GOD! I THINK THAT'S MY CAMERA!!"

So, what have you been up to, friends?


  1. i've preordered the fault in our stars too, can't wait! sounds like an exciting couple of weeks you've had :) thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! xx

  2. I'm glad you're back! I woulod be jealous that you're drinking Mountain Dew, except I am as well :D Fudge, I love that stuff.

    Forgive my immaturity, but you have 69 followers. Tee hee.

    You've certainly had a busy 17(?) days! I admit, I laughed when you said you could get your permit at 15...and you're almost 17. Man, Florida is crazy. It's seriously the only state I know that's starting school this early.

    My mom made a good point: bangs in this heat are a bad idea. But I want them so :( What if I get them during school and they look TERRIBLE? Rah!

    I do not have a tumblr, but I have been religiously stalking Isaac's tumblr and subsequently following the links to other tumblrs, which I read about twenty pages of before remembering that I have things to do. I'm happy with a word blog :) You have a tumblr, right?

  3. Hooray for packages!

    And I agree with Strawberry, you certainly do sound busy!

    Ah. Driving. You see, I have my permit, but not my license so I don't think I'll be driving anytime soon.

  4. Yay! You're back! :)

    Let me just say I absolutely LOVE blogger friends, to the maximum levels of my life. Like, what does everyone else do without them? <3

    Oh my gosh, that's freakin' sweet about your new camera! But wait a minute... does that mean you're already done with college applications now?! Holy crap, I am insanely jealous. I haven't even started. Though I have started my essays at least. Just... ugh. So much stress I can't even believe it.

  5. So much awesome in one post!

    Nicola sends AMAZING packages. :)
    I'll keep a lookout on my P.O. Box for that letter. uper excited!

    I love turntable. Love it.

  6. I'm new to your blog, but what a post to come on to.

    I totally love the idea of blogger friends. Super sentimental!

    I might take up that idea.
    I want my drivers permit, but I have to wait to 17 before I get lessons. So hey ho. Long time to go!

  7. i am so glad you are back.
    much love friend! :D