July 06, 2011

Crap in disguise.

To celebrate Puja's 17th birthday, Puja, Regina, and I went to see Transformers 3. My honest opinion about the movie? IT SUCKED. Sure, I enjoyed the company of the people I saw it with, but the movie really annoyed me. Especially its errors in continuity. For example, in the major battle scenes Carly's shoes keep changing from heels to ballet flats to heels again. Perhaps I was expecting too much from a film franchise that had already proved to just be tolerable at best. Still, I wanted to walk away with a little shred of dignity, y'know? Instead, I sat for two hours to watch robots battle inexplicably, women be exploited sexually, and actors act terribly. Seriously, I would demand my money back if it wasn't already on Puja's dime.
/end rant

Afterwards (at what appears to be midnight according to the pictures) we gave Puja her presents. I wish I could've topped my gift from last year...
Today I had my senior pictures taken. Fortunately, there was little hassle and I think they'll turn out nice, or at least nice enough. I've come to terms with the fact that, no matter how hard I try, professional pictures will probably never portray the way I perceive myself in the mirror. I know; I'm strange.

This rainy weather has given me a headache.

Have a good rest of your week, everyone!


  1. I feel the exact same way when it comes to pictures. In my mind, I look a million times more flattering in real life.

    Ahhh!! I still marvel at the Harry Potter box you gave to your friend last year.

  2. sad to hear you didnt like the movie. i havnt seen it yet, but when i do, i will be looking out for her heels to turn flats and then turn back to heels..haha.

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! last years present was super-duper awesome. you are a lovely friend!

    glad your pictures went ok! :D

  3. Yeah, the Transformers franchise definitely seems like it's seen better days... Megan-Fox-Replacement sounds like she was pretty terrible.

    Happy birthday to Puja though! :D Woop woop 17!

    Ooh, hurrah for getting senior pictures done. I still have to deal with that... I'm sure mine will end up super unflattering, haha.

  4. Congrats on photos, lady lady.


    I heard T3 sucked, meh.