July 12, 2011

We never change, do we?

I watched the last space shuttle launch ever on July 8th. Its profoundness was lessened, however, when the clouds obscured any view of it. Only two days later, when my dad returned from visiting family in New Hampshire, did I receive a space shuttle chocolate pop (pictured above) and could pretend like it was the real deal. Like I hadn't missed witnessing history firsthand and like I hadn't had to resort to a live broadcast on the television, viewable to all.

I feel like that day was the closest I will ever come to understanding the emotion that everyone in the Harry Potter fandom will experience July 15th. Believe it or not, ten years of my life have ended too.

I know no one really cares about my "fandom", though.

And why should you?

It just feels strange; strange to be, in part, alienated from a community, the Internet, that I turned to when I was feeling alienated from my real life. That said, I don't begrudge the fervent love for Harry Potter nor do I expect anyone to downplay the significance of this final movie release. It's a big 'effin deal. As a result, I'm just choosing to spend less time on the computer and more time reading, purging and creating. At least until things have calmed down.

So is this my elaborate way of saying I'm taking a hiatus from the Internet?

Well, no. Not exactly.

Because like any addiction, you can't just quit cold turkey and be successful. Instead, it's going to be a gradual departure from all the various sites I love dear. I will probably still post and actively check Facebook for the next week. My progress will be slow at first. I know this.

Please don't think the Harry Potter craziness was the only reason for this decision. And please don't think I'm just using it as an excuse to leave. I love all my blogging friends so much, which is why this is gonna be hard.

My decision is based mainly on the fact that I have less than a month until school starts again. Yes, less than a month! This means I have less time to complete college applications like I promised I would, less free time to go on adventures and less time to relax.

I'm simply running out of time.

So for now my priorities are to finish Nicola's package, to finally update my Moleskine and to read the books on my AICE English Lit list.

See you on the flip side.


  1. Awww, I can't even imagine what it must be like to not be a Harry Potter fan and be on the internet right now, haha... I'm just so glad that you're not one of those people that gets all pissed off and angry about it. Hey, Harry Potter's just not your thing, that's fine! Totally respect that. :)

    It's really weird that the US space program is, well, over. I'm totally uninformed about it, really, but it just seemed like something that would always be there. I wish I could have seen a launch in my lifetime. The one time my parents and I went to the space center, the launch was delayed. :P

    But yeah, taking a break from the internet regardless is definitely a good idea. Something that I really should consider due to all of the school related reasons... but probably will not... You have more willpower than I do. ;D

  2. Lizzie, how have you managed to put up with following my blog and Tumblr through all this? You must have massive amounts of patience to sift through all the Harry Potter things I reblog everyday!

    As Natalie said, I'm glad that you're not one of those people that get annoyed or angry about people liking something that you don't. I'm glad that our little blogging family can have different interests and beliefs, and still respect and love each other just as much.

  3. :( While I too should probably be taking a hiatus to work on my summer homework, like Natalie said, you have more willpower than I do...

    That being said, I'm sure we'll all keep in touch over Facebook so it won't be too bad.

  4. Hey, well, good luck with life and all that. Hope you come back soon :D Dealing with crazy people is never fun when you're not one of them, but the Harry Potter craze will bs over soon...

    It won't be the last space shuttle launch ever, just for a long time, until people get interested in space again. Just like this won't be your last post ever! Do you feel alienated because everyone is obsessed with Harry Potter and you're into NASA? Hey, we don't judge :D But, we know you're busy too, so, again, good luck with all of that and I certainly hope you don't leave us for good. The Internet would be missing something, for sure.

  5. No that's cool about HP, everyone has their opinions :)

    That is so cool about the launch and the lollipop is even cuter!

    I know I just took a lonnnng break online and it was refreshing so I know you will be just fine! Hope to hear from you soon!

  6. i hope you have a wonderful break. i will miss you ever so much!

  7. I have to say, your comment made me smile because I was not expecting you to do so (you being on hiatus and all) :)

    Hey, that makes sense! Maybe I would've gotten it if I finished the book. Okay, I probably wouldn't. But imagine how smart I'll sound when we go over it in class and I know what it all means! Thanks! ;D

  8. I hope you come back soon... I miss reading your blog! :) And selfishly I want to hear about more people stressing about college, because maybe that will make me feel better knowing that others are in the same boat as me... haha. ;D