August 27, 2011

Cathedrals in my heart.

My to-do list is long (and incomplete thus far) today; but since writing my 27th BEDA post is included, I technically am being productive right now. Loopholes, ftw.

It's no secret that I've always been boyfriend-less. Crushes have come and gone, but none matured into romantic relationships. You would've probably read about them. I realized, however, that I was instead granted good friend status with said guys and that was and continues to be fine with me. I kinda treat them like honorary brothers. That said, you may be surprised I liked one college guy for the majority of last year because I rarely blogged about him. I felt like if I could keep my feelings under wraps he'd eventually see a future with me and we'd happily date. Life is never that simple, though.

After a year long, arguably unhealthy manifestation of feelings, I finally came clean to the guy a few weeks ago. This time was no different. His polite rejection and request of friendship, while trite, was sincere, so I graciously accepted it. I know it was for the greater good. It's let me properly move on.

During my first day experiences video, I mentioned a cute guy in my AICE Chemistry class. He's a junior and has pretty eyes. He runs cross country and track. He's a part of Academic Team and Mu Alpha Theta, two clubs I lead as co-captain and President respectively. Plus, he's in two of my seven classes! I think interaction will be inevitable now. I can't claim any real attraction towards him yet because we've exchanged probably fewer than 100 words, but this may change. Muhahaha.

Okay. Enough about that.

I desperately want a class 6 SD card so I can start filming HD videos. I also desperately crave adventure and photoshoots with friends. I'm tired of taking relatively boring pictures for my 365!

I've now had three driving lessons. The last one involved driving on a major road outside my neighborhood with actual cars. I feel accomplished even if I'm truly not.

Currently my grades reveal that my strengths are with languages and social sciences and not so much math and hard sciences. I think this serves as a good reminder to myself of what I'm good at. As of late, I've considered being a director/cinematographer. Just one more reason I am eager to start filming quality videos.

August 26, 2011

Que me quedas tu.

We listened to this song in Spanish class today. I was honestly surprised by how much I liked it.

I wish I had the energy to write an amazing awesome post, but --you guessed it-- I don't. I really, really should be getting to bed soon so let's stop typing now.

Wait. WAIT. I wanted to express my deepest apologies that Hurricane Irene is headed up the eastern US coast and not straight across Florida as they do. To my blogger friends that may be affected (Strawberry, Natalie, etc.) please be safe. As a veteran of "hunkering down," I urge you to stock up on books, lights, healthy yet delicious foods, water now. Also, the humidity sucks. Did I mention that I was sorry?

P.S. Things keep looking up. I'll tell you more tomorrow.

August 23, 2011

What you know.

The honeymoon period with school is officially over for me. Shizwits just got serious.

I had my first AICE Chemistry test today. I made the clever observation that the intense stormy weather reflected how the class felt about this test: doom! Even though it was fairly easy, I don't think I earned an A. Which is sad. I think I'm too good at over-thinking questions or not thinking enough. If only there was a class for that!

Sadly, I already know I got a 90 on my AP Calc quiz. Now my overall grade is an exact middle-of-the-road B average. Is it weird that I am slightly disgusted? If it is, then perhaps I pride myself too much on academic achievements. But isn't trying to earn straight A's an integral part of living in a highly competitive world nowadays? I feel like sometimes one's best is not the best. So how does one cope?

I think I aced my AICE Psychology test, though! Plus my paper was awesomely written and I just think it's an A effort.

To counteract my increasingly apathetic mood, I'm drinking strawberry kiwi Juicy Juice. It's only semi-effective. I'm don't think physics homework will be a good antidote either.

Latest English Lit essay grade: 85.

August 22, 2011

Wear sunscreen.

This photo was partially inspired by this awesome poem.

I recorded The Glee Project season finale and watched it this morning. While I'm gleeful (see what I did there?) all four of them get story-arcs, I think doing so diminishes the show's integrity. I mean, won't future contestants start to think 4th place is just as good as 1st? Or is that just me and my crazy thinking? Now, of course, I'm incredibly curious how their characters will be written into the series.

Yesterday I had my first official driving lesson. I found it strangely exhilarating. And I didn't do a bad job! That said, I basically just drove in an oval and practiced parking so, success is relative. I am not gonna lie, I am envious of friends that drive and have been driving already. I'll get there in a year.

My priority after my school work is college applications. Don't be surprised if in this last week and a day of BEDA I end up just spouting nonsense. My brain is getting quite the workout, I must say. For example, I have two tests tomorrow and a quiz. (Thank goodness physics was moved to Thursdays.)

I can't wait to get my disposable camera photos back from the drugstore! Cool story, bro.

Happy Monday!

August 18, 2011

Cognitive dissonance.

Since Em asked what I'm learning in my AICE Psychology class, I figured I'd share the study we've covered thus far.

During the 1960s, psychologist Stanley Milgram devised an experiment to test the Germans Are Different Hypothesis (GADH). Essentially, he wanted to see if Americans would obey a legitimate authority figure. The results were fairly disturbing. I could easily go into more detail, but I think watching this video below will be more stimulating. I'd love to hear what you think, or if you've studied this in some other context.

Now I get to go do the homework I've been -- shamefully -- neglecting.

August 16, 2011

The title says it all.

Happiness Makes Up in Height for What It Lacks in Length
by Robert Frost

Oh, stormy stormy world,
The days you were not swirled
Around with mist and cloud,
Or wrapped as in a shroud,
And the sun's brilliant ball
Was not in part or all
Obscured from mortal view—
Were days so very few
I can but wonder whence
I get the lasting sense
Of so much warmth and light.
If my mistrust is right
It may be altogether
From one day's perfect weather,
When starting clear at dawn,
The day swept clearly on
To finish clear at eve.
I verily believe
My fair impression may
Be all from that one day
No shadow crossed but ours
As through its blazing flowers
We went from house to wood
For change of solitude.

August 15, 2011

Life and death.

(Insert meaningful and profound statement about this photo and how the two flowers represent life and death.)

Today was an okay day.

We were assigned a research essay for English about a topic related to India. We are encouraged to work with partners so my friend Christina and I teamed up. Additionally, we were given poems to analyze (individually) during class and we're writing a paper tomorrow. Despite this onslaught of work, it's necessary if I want to pass A level. I think it helps that I don't mind the teacher. He had a 95% pass rate last year so I think he knows what he's doing.

"Books change your life." -- Wise words from my Economics teacher. He has a ponytail.

I am really enjoying AICE psychology. I think it will become one of my favorite classes --so lon as I can put up with the overwhelming number of (obnoxious) juniors.

Good night and good luck.

August 12, 2011

Roses are red.

Sadly, I'm a tad too tired to properly write. I hope these photos will suffice for today.
Shirt -- JC Penney
Shorts -- Delia*s
Necklace -- F21
Watch -- Kohl's
Headband -- gift from the incredibly lovely Nicola

I got so many compliments on this headband today. I truly can't thank you enough, Nicola! Not just for this, but for everything you sent me this summer. I love it all! I'm really looking forward to our next package swap!

August 11, 2011

Another growth opportunity.

Today all Cambridge/AICE students got their exam scores. For the current seniors and the recently graduated class, these are a huge deal. If you pass AICE courses (generally taken junior and senior year) you earn credit towards your AICE diploma. An AICE diploma not only lets colleges know you're a serious student, it also helps you qualify for something called a Bright Futures scholarship in Florida. Like I said, it's a huge deal.

Natalie had asked me yesterday what the difference was between AICE and AP and I'll do my best to answer that. AP classes were replaced at my high school by AICE classes as part of the Cambridge Program. AICE courses are designed around the pre-requisite curriculum at the University of Cambridge. In other words, if you were to pass your A-level exams, you can apply that credit to college-entry level courses. Class out, so to speak. Typically, though, you only take the AS level which is close to what you'd experience as a college freshman.

The curriculum is structured differently from AP. For instance, math is not so cut and dry. You could be learning about trigonometry one day and still applying calculus in the same class, same course. Also, the histories are less regurgitation of facts, more analytical essays.

The final exams are actually sent from Cambridge University in Cambridge, England and then sent back there to be graded. Hence why it takes three months from May/June to get results back. This obviously creates a great deal of tension when you do finally see them.

For pre-AICE (9th and 10th grade), the passing scale goes from A*, A, B, C, D, E, F, G. Yes, G is considered passing. For AICE (11th and 12th), the scale shrinks to only A* to E. Ungraded means you did not pass.

My exam results:
AICE English Language -- B
AICE Math -- E
AICE Biology -- Ungraded
AICE Europeon History -- D
pre-AICE Physics -- D

While I'm embarrassed not to have passed Biology, it's not the end of the world. (Oh, don't worry, my eyes are still sore from crying until I threw up. D:) I am thrilled that I passed math, though. That test was INSANE.

I hope that answers your question. If not, I'd be happy to chat more about it another time when I'm my eyelids aren't so heavy.

P.S. My English teacher is quickly turning into one of my favorites.

August 10, 2011

This is the good life.

Today was my last first day of school. Cue the obligatory (unflattering) photos taken outside, backpack in tow.
Did I resent having to get up at the crack of dawn to go to school? Absolutely.
Was I upset my physics teacher wasn't there and instead we had a sub? Definitely.
Do I miss my class of 2009, 2010, and 2011 friends? Dearly.
Am I happy to be a senior? OH GOD YES.

My outfit:
Dress -- F21
Sandals --
Ring -- F21
Necklace -- F21

All in all, I had a pretty good day. I hope everyone's summer is still awesome!

P.S. This is my 300th post. Milestone, baby!

August 09, 2011


Oww, I feel like I'm getting carpel tunnel. Thanks, wrist. You always know how to brighten my day.

On a completely unrelated note, HOLY MOLY GUACAMOLE I START SCHOOL TOMORROW. Sorry, you're probably tired of me saying stuff to that effect; believe me, so am I. However, I have taken solace in the fact that I'll still have weekends and that this first week is a short one. Even my physics teacher wouldn't be so mean as to schedule a test for Friday. (Great. Now I'm going to be a paranoid parrot for the next three days.)

I wish I could tell you guys I've had a grand adventure my last day of summer, but I've basically sat in front of the computer, tired and cold. Also, there were thunderstorms earlier and I should've taken a nap. Missed opportunies like that are what hurt the most.

Here's the video I said I'd post. I love school supplies, Benny loves Joon. (My simile-making skillz must scare you.)

Anyone who cares probably already knows, but I'm on twitter now.

August 07, 2011


I love the compulsion you experience while reading certain books. You probably know what I'm talking about. The "oh, I'll just read one more chapter" mentality until you've swallowed the book whole in less than a day.

Well, I felt this way about Girl In Translation. Sadly, I don't think I would've picked up this novel if it wasn't on the Florida Teens List. And I would've missed out on tremendous read. I was genuinely moved to tears.

Here are a few quotes that really spoke to me.

"One day close to Christmas as the factory, I saw Matt working with his mother, and I rubbed the pandas's forehead in my pocket with my finger. I walked over and said, "Joyful Christmas." Then I swiftly pulled out the panda and offered it to him. I had thought about this. Much as I liked Tyrone at school, I had never really spoken to him. I was grateful to Matt and he was my only friend who knew what my life was really like; he shared it. I wanted to give him a present even more than I wanted to keep the panda for myself, because it was the only thing I had."

"When Tyrone shyly handed his to me, I saw that on the page before mine someone had written: "You are the King of the Brains." I thought a moment and wrote in Chinese: You are a very special person and may the gods protect you. Then I signed my name in English.
"Wow," he said. "What does it say?"
"Good luck," I said.
He stared at the page. "That's a lot of words for 'good luck.'"
"It take a long time to say something in my Chinese."
In my book, he wrote, "Wish I had known you better.""

"But that night, as I bent over my books, I could still smell the lingering perfume on my clothes and wrists, and I felt surrounded by the warmth of Annette's friendship, by her confidence in me. I wondered if that had been her plan all along."

"He looked at me. "You don't care about superficial things, do you?"
"Like what?"
"Money, clothing."
I had to laugh. "Yes, I do. I need to."
"No, you don't, not really. I've been watching you--you don't even notice what the other girls are doing."
"You think that because my clothing is different from theirs. It is actually only because I do not understand what they are doing." It felt good to admit this to someone. "I wish I could be like them!" An image of the lovely Vivian flashed across my mind. "But I don't know how."
"Because you don't really care. Even if you could, tell me you would really spend your free time in front of a mirror trying to make your eyelashes look longer.
I was silent.
He continued. "You'd be too busy inventing something to save the world."
"Just because I'm better at math than you are does make me into a paragon of virtue."
"That what I mean."
"Where did you learn that -- I mean, did you hear someone say 'paragon of virtue' at home or something?"
I paused. "I memorized it from a book."

I hope everyone's enjoying their weekend!

August 06, 2011


Dear Nikon P90,

While I'm sorry it has to end like this, just know that I'll always remember you.

We've had a lot of good times, you and I. I honestly can't recall many fights.

You graciously helped me document my life during sophomore and junior years. A lot of sh*t went down then, so that is invaluable to me. Although you have seen me change a lot, you stayed true. You also tolerated me taking countless self-portraits and you must think I'm entirely vain. I don't blame you, really. On top of all that, you withstood the extreme heat and extreme cold during photoshoots I've had. You truly are amazing.

From Miami to Providence, you've been there for me. You helped me capture memories of those places I was fortunate enough to visit. I wish you could've gone to D.C with me, but that was a summer before I met you. Perhaps we'll go back someday.

Thank you for putting up with others using you. I'm sure that wasn't fun. You we're out of good hands for long, though.

I feel like I knew you too well and that's why I needed to end this. Why I needed to move on.

I hope you don't hate me.

Love always,
Your owner,

(In case that wasn't obvious, I took the above picture with my Canon T3!!)

For the third installment in my back-to-school video series, I filmed five outfit ideas. Obviously I am not, nor claim to be, a fashion expert, but I thought this would be fun. Plus, if nothing else, it's a good way to remember things I could wear when I'm getting ready at the crack of dawn. I'm saving my favorite topic, school supplies, for Monday. If anyone is interested, I would also consider talking about my first day experiences on Wednesday. Let me know!

August 05, 2011


Okay, this time I did almost forget about BEDA. Forgive me, I've had a busy day. I've taken three separate trips to the mailbox!

No, really, I was out of the house for a few hours. I got to register for school two three days early! Seniors are supposed go on Monday, but my mom had to volunteer so I came along, figuring I could at least pick out good lockers. Apparently SOUL (Students of Undying Leadership) kids were volunteering too so Patricia was there. She informed me I could register today no hassle so I did. I wonder if any freshman or sophomores thought I was one of them. Ha, fat chance! I EXUDE SENIORITY. Well, sort of.

I'm estactic about my schedule. I got the teacher I wanted for Economics Honors. Everyone says he's a lunatic, but I don't think that's true. I have lunch right before AP Calc so I can foresee some intense study sessions.

Apparently there's a tropical storm moving towards the east coast of Florida. I think I can expect some rain tomorrow.

Have a good weekend!

August 04, 2011

Six, and not a second to spare.

I didn't forget about BEDA, I've just had a long day.

I had to have two fillings done in the morning, but I'm worried one has already broken. Such is my life. I suppose this means I'll be back at the dentist's office tomorrow so they can fix it. Yay, my favorite thing to do.

I got my hair cut. It looks no different besides short bangs. Oh, and I suppose she professionally straightened it.

Fortunately, there is a pot a gold at the end of the rainbow: I got my actual permit! Driving lessons, here I come! And since I know my 21-year-old brother reads my blog, I'll be sure to add I'm most looking forward to lessons with him.

Now I'll leave you guys with the second video in my back-to-school series. I'd love to hear your feedback.

August 02, 2011


I decided I would start a Back-to-School series of videos. Over the course of the next seven days I'll be recording videos for: tips + organization, school supplies, outfit ideas and hair styles. I've already filmed my make-up tutorial for the perfect back-to-school look. Enjoy!

August 01, 2011


(My titles henceforth will act as a countdown of days until my senior year. Wait. Who says 'henceforth'? Apparently I do...)

I wanted to share my thoughts on the books I read this past year for AICE English Language. When I made a video previewing these books last summer, I didn’t quite know what the class was all about. Now I know that we read these American classics chronologically, in order to analyze “the author’s use of language,” a skill we then use while sitting our AICE exam in May. (My results are due back in the next week or so.)

The Scarlet Letter was a necessary evil. I talked more about in the first video.

The Crucible was fine. I have a new understanding of the Salem Witch craft trials/the McCarthy trials at least. We watched the 1970s movie version and thanks to that, I had an enjoyable two-day infatuation with Daniel Day Lewis.

The Red Badge of Courage? One word: unbearable.

Their Eyes Were Watching God was one of my least favorites. I could appreciate the language/use of dialect, but was overall unimpressed with the story. We didn’t technically finish it and instead watched the movie for it. Frankly, I learned more about the author Zora Neale Hurston.

The Awakening was a delicious read. The author, Kate Chopin, often used the word delicious to describe something pleasant, not just food, and I loved that. Also, I can still remember a few quotes and some specific imagery that I genuinely feel impacted me. In the least pretentious way possible, I want to say this book changed me and my disposition.

The Great Gatsby was absolutely stellar. I am happy that Nerdfighters are reading it along with John Green. It’s well worth your time.

Even though I had trouble passing quizzes we had on Invisible Man, I did like it. It’s easily one of the most complex novels I’ve read to date. The symbolism was so prevalent that almost every item had another meaning.

Since it was the last book we read for class, As I Lay Dying and its English-class analysis is freshest in my mind. I listened to the audio book -- which helped me tremendously -- and, tedious though it was, I would highlight certain phrases often repeated. I would also cringe at the dark humor and yeah, that’s about it. Faulkner does not intrigue me.

I had to read The Glass Menagerie and Death of a Salesman earlier this summer and I had read A Raisin in the Sun the previous summer. We did not have time, nor have I made time to read Catch-22.