August 11, 2011

Another growth opportunity.

Today all Cambridge/AICE students got their exam scores. For the current seniors and the recently graduated class, these are a huge deal. If you pass AICE courses (generally taken junior and senior year) you earn credit towards your AICE diploma. An AICE diploma not only lets colleges know you're a serious student, it also helps you qualify for something called a Bright Futures scholarship in Florida. Like I said, it's a huge deal.

Natalie had asked me yesterday what the difference was between AICE and AP and I'll do my best to answer that. AP classes were replaced at my high school by AICE classes as part of the Cambridge Program. AICE courses are designed around the pre-requisite curriculum at the University of Cambridge. In other words, if you were to pass your A-level exams, you can apply that credit to college-entry level courses. Class out, so to speak. Typically, though, you only take the AS level which is close to what you'd experience as a college freshman.

The curriculum is structured differently from AP. For instance, math is not so cut and dry. You could be learning about trigonometry one day and still applying calculus in the same class, same course. Also, the histories are less regurgitation of facts, more analytical essays.

The final exams are actually sent from Cambridge University in Cambridge, England and then sent back there to be graded. Hence why it takes three months from May/June to get results back. This obviously creates a great deal of tension when you do finally see them.

For pre-AICE (9th and 10th grade), the passing scale goes from A*, A, B, C, D, E, F, G. Yes, G is considered passing. For AICE (11th and 12th), the scale shrinks to only A* to E. Ungraded means you did not pass.

My exam results:
AICE English Language -- B
AICE Math -- E
AICE Biology -- Ungraded
AICE Europeon History -- D
pre-AICE Physics -- D

While I'm embarrassed not to have passed Biology, it's not the end of the world. (Oh, don't worry, my eyes are still sore from crying until I threw up. D:) I am thrilled that I passed math, though. That test was INSANE.

I hope that answers your question. If not, I'd be happy to chat more about it another time when I'm my eyelids aren't so heavy.

P.S. My English teacher is quickly turning into one of my favorites.


  1. Thank you for your very informative post, my dear! ^_^ So I guess it's a Florida thing pretty much exclusively, then? That's pretty neat that it's completely run by the University of Cambridge, though also, as you said, stressful what with the final exams... I'm sorry to hear that biology did not go so well, and even sorrier to hear that you were so upset you puked :( --I have done that before... not fun...-- but good job on everything else! Enjoy school tomorrow, and your English teacher. :D

  2. Hooray for passing math! I'm sort of glad that I'm in AP courses because I don't think I could handle AICE.

    So from what I can gather, both honors programs have the same end, which is to test (or "clep" in college board terms) out of college classes, however they just achieve it through different means.

    :( Biology shmiology.

    I have the opposite reaction to not passing a huge test. I usually just become so apathetic that I completely de-value the entire experience.

    At least you like your English teacher :)

  3. That sounds way intense and scary. Go you for even doing that! I wouldn't have even tried. Congrats on passing most of them!

  4. sounds super scary!
    well done of passing math! :D
    sorry that biology didnt go very well.
    keep your head high! you are still so awesome! :D

  5. Congratulations on passing most of them! Except for biology, but who cares about biology anyway? Focus on the positives, right? But, I hope you feel better about it by now (no more crying!)!