August 27, 2011

Cathedrals in my heart.

My to-do list is long (and incomplete thus far) today; but since writing my 27th BEDA post is included, I technically am being productive right now. Loopholes, ftw.

It's no secret that I've always been boyfriend-less. Crushes have come and gone, but none matured into romantic relationships. You would've probably read about them. I realized, however, that I was instead granted good friend status with said guys and that was and continues to be fine with me. I kinda treat them like honorary brothers. That said, you may be surprised I liked one college guy for the majority of last year because I rarely blogged about him. I felt like if I could keep my feelings under wraps he'd eventually see a future with me and we'd happily date. Life is never that simple, though.

After a year long, arguably unhealthy manifestation of feelings, I finally came clean to the guy a few weeks ago. This time was no different. His polite rejection and request of friendship, while trite, was sincere, so I graciously accepted it. I know it was for the greater good. It's let me properly move on.

During my first day experiences video, I mentioned a cute guy in my AICE Chemistry class. He's a junior and has pretty eyes. He runs cross country and track. He's a part of Academic Team and Mu Alpha Theta, two clubs I lead as co-captain and President respectively. Plus, he's in two of my seven classes! I think interaction will be inevitable now. I can't claim any real attraction towards him yet because we've exchanged probably fewer than 100 words, but this may change. Muhahaha.

Okay. Enough about that.

I desperately want a class 6 SD card so I can start filming HD videos. I also desperately crave adventure and photoshoots with friends. I'm tired of taking relatively boring pictures for my 365!

I've now had three driving lessons. The last one involved driving on a major road outside my neighborhood with actual cars. I feel accomplished even if I'm truly not.

Currently my grades reveal that my strengths are with languages and social sciences and not so much math and hard sciences. I think this serves as a good reminder to myself of what I'm good at. As of late, I've considered being a director/cinematographer. Just one more reason I am eager to start filming quality videos.


  1. Guys can suck sometimes, but you know I think it's better to have friends than eventual heartbreak. That guy in your chemistry class seems like a catch though! Oh and filming is so much fun! I've done a few short films here and there with friends and they're are so worth the little extra $$ and time you have to put into them :)

  2. Aw, would that be tennis lover? Really sorry about that :( At least now you can move on and find someone who won't unceremoniously put you in the friend zone.

    Can't wait to see the lovely photos you take once you do get to all of your adventures! :D

  3. At least you put yourself out there. I just wait for the guy to make his feelings known first. I'm terrified of rejection.

    That being said, it's good that you can define your relationships with guys and classify them as friends. It sucks when you're put into a confusing situation where you don't know if you're dating, or if it's an open relationship, or whatnot.

    I think you'd be a wonderful cinematographer!

  4. I find that it is good to put yourself out there and see, just so that you don't have any "what if's" looming in the back of your mind. The guy you were talking about sounds like a nice potential candidate, though... :D Hey, once you said he ran cross country, I was sold! Obviously it doesn't take much to impress me. ;) But really, you should update us if anything comes of it! *squeal*

    Math is most definitely not my forte... I'm with you there. But being in charge of those clubs are some great leadership positions indeed! I have pretty much no leadership positions besides co-editor of the literary magazine... (Sorry, totally in college app mode still... :P)

  5. Even though he just wanted to be friends, way to go on actually admitting your feelings! Takes a lot of balls. (LOL. But really, it does. Go you.)

    Figuring out what you're best at and what you enjoy the most is one of the best feelings. Being a director/cinematographer sounds very cool!

    Also, I agree with Natalie. Do keep us posted about Chemistry dude.

  6. YES IT WILL BE, THANK YOU. Haha :) Yes, it's not going to be anything close to those hurricanes. Hopefully it will do as little damage as possible and be on it's merry way.

    Thanks! :D

  7. Even if he didn't share your feelings it's a very important thing to be able to admit them to someone you have feelings for. Kudos! I have never been able to do that... jeez. I'm almost twenty. I need to work on this before I end up with thirty cats.

    Film is such a wonderful media! I can't wait to see videos you put together :)