August 06, 2011


Dear Nikon P90,

While I'm sorry it has to end like this, just know that I'll always remember you.

We've had a lot of good times, you and I. I honestly can't recall many fights.

You graciously helped me document my life during sophomore and junior years. A lot of sh*t went down then, so that is invaluable to me. Although you have seen me change a lot, you stayed true. You also tolerated me taking countless self-portraits and you must think I'm entirely vain. I don't blame you, really. On top of all that, you withstood the extreme heat and extreme cold during photoshoots I've had. You truly are amazing.

From Miami to Providence, you've been there for me. You helped me capture memories of those places I was fortunate enough to visit. I wish you could've gone to D.C with me, but that was a summer before I met you. Perhaps we'll go back someday.

Thank you for putting up with others using you. I'm sure that wasn't fun. You we're out of good hands for long, though.

I feel like I knew you too well and that's why I needed to end this. Why I needed to move on.

I hope you don't hate me.

Love always,
Your owner,

(In case that wasn't obvious, I took the above picture with my Canon T3!!)

For the third installment in my back-to-school video series, I filmed five outfit ideas. Obviously I am not, nor claim to be, a fashion expert, but I thought this would be fun. Plus, if nothing else, it's a good way to remember things I could wear when I'm getting ready at the crack of dawn. I'm saving my favorite topic, school supplies, for Monday. If anyone is interested, I would also consider talking about my first day experiences on Wednesday. Let me know!


  1. I LOVE THOSE REALLY CRAZY SHOES! They are so cool. :D This video kinda makes me want to put together a whole fashion show of all the outfits I've thought up, especially considering that I will most likely forget the majority of them in those early mornings... and I vote yes for your first day experience video! Still can't believe you start already...

    Oh! And, farewell, Lizzie's old camera. :)

  2. I HAVE THAT SAME DRESS! THE ONE YOU USED AS A TUNIC! I have to say, on my it looks kind of rectangular, but it looks good on you :D Oh, and goodbye to old Lizzie's camera! Hello to the new one!

  3. Goodbye old camera!

    And it's awesome that you have your outfit options already thought up! Sometimes I find myself standing in front of my closet in a dazed stupor for 10 minutes or so before I make up my mind... I should really plan out my clothes ahead of time like you...

  4. converse are just about always in style (: and the shoes were really cool. For school I just wear a plain tee and some jeans, haha, but that's just me