August 14, 2011

I am in misery.

The guy on the left is my friend David, and on the right is Travis. (Coincidentally, this, and a picture of David's milk is all I took to document this morning.)

Today I indeed got together with friends at Cracker Barrel, but I ended up regretting it. Now I am $7 poorer and more depressed.

It made realize that while I'll be sad when they're gone, they can be inconsiderate jerks. It's true; I never said they couldn't invite other people and I never said they had to be there exactly at 11. I just expected them to the decency to tell me before hand and show up on time. I guess I held my expectations too high and now I'm disappointed.

Since this morning, I've napped and listened to this several times. Even so, I still feel like a grump in a slump.

Tell me friends, what helps you cheer up?


  1. :( I hate it when stuff like that happens. Stating that it sucks would probably be the biggest understatement ever.

    I like watching nail tutorials on youtube and then trying them out.

    Also scrubbing the inside of bathtubs... It doesn't necessarily cheer me up, but it does put me in a very zen mood.

    As far as songs go, ever since Amy did that post on Kimbra I've been listening to Cameo Lover on repeat.

  2. and thats very annoying.
    you rule still lizzie. <3