August 15, 2011

Life and death.

(Insert meaningful and profound statement about this photo and how the two flowers represent life and death.)

Today was an okay day.

We were assigned a research essay for English about a topic related to India. We are encouraged to work with partners so my friend Christina and I teamed up. Additionally, we were given poems to analyze (individually) during class and we're writing a paper tomorrow. Despite this onslaught of work, it's necessary if I want to pass A level. I think it helps that I don't mind the teacher. He had a 95% pass rate last year so I think he knows what he's doing.

"Books change your life." -- Wise words from my Economics teacher. He has a ponytail.

I am really enjoying AICE psychology. I think it will become one of my favorite classes --so lon as I can put up with the overwhelming number of (obnoxious) juniors.

Good night and good luck.


  1. I would love to hear about what you do in AICE Psychology. Good luck on your work tonight!

  2. love that photo so much.
    a ponytail...he sounds awesome. :)
    hope you are ok! :):)

  3. My spanish 2 teacher had a ponytail and he was awesome :)

    Good luck with all your classwork and paper writing... I'm not looking forward to having to do that again XD