August 04, 2011

Six, and not a second to spare.

I didn't forget about BEDA, I've just had a long day.

I had to have two fillings done in the morning, but I'm worried one has already broken. Such is my life. I suppose this means I'll be back at the dentist's office tomorrow so they can fix it. Yay, my favorite thing to do.

I got my hair cut. It looks no different besides short bangs. Oh, and I suppose she professionally straightened it.

Fortunately, there is a pot a gold at the end of the rainbow: I got my actual permit! Driving lessons, here I come! And since I know my 21-year-old brother reads my blog, I'll be sure to add I'm most looking forward to lessons with him.

Now I'll leave you guys with the second video in my back-to-school series. I'd love to hear your feedback.


  1. Your hair actually looks really pretty! I would leave a longer comment but it's late, so I'll continue tomorrow :)

  2. DONUTS. Omnom.

    I've never had to get fillings, but I have had my fair share of dentist related issues... ugh... so I can relate.

    Even if your hair cut wasn't a major change, I think it looks really really gorgeous! :D I wish mine could look that straight and smooth and shiny.

    Yeah, having an agenda book to write everything down is very necessary for me. Otherwise I will most definitely not remember. I write it down in like four different places, haha.

  3. Those are VERY good organizational tips. At my high school we have a grand total of 5 separate buildings (3 of which have two floors) and it's imperative to know where you're going or else you'll be late to class.

    Also, without my planner I would die.

  4. arrggghhh the dentist...horrible stuff.
    your hair is super cute. :D
    love the video!