August 30, 2011

"O Jesus, make it stop!"

My title is a direct quote from the poem Attack by Sigfried Sassoon. It also become my English teacher's mantra while grading out latest essays. Apparently they were that tragic. I was very pleased with my grade, though.

Uh. Uh. UH. I don't know what else to write! My day was alright, even if was incredibly tired by 5th period. This is probably an indication I need to get more sleep...that I will promptly ignore.

I totally beasted my math test with a 95. GET AT ME, AP CALC. GET AT ME. Frustratingly, in haste, I forgot that the graph of -sin2x would still start at 0. I am such a nerd.

Latest English Lit essay grade: 95.


  1. You beast you! I only hope my grades will be as good as your's. You make me wanna go study and be awesome!

  2. 95? Oh my goodness! Pretty sure I'll be lucky with a B on my first AP Calc test... Unless I get lucky and don't make my usual bout of ridiculously dumb mistakes. (aka 4x4=18... WHAT THE HECK NATALIE?!) Meow school.