August 26, 2011

Que me quedas tu.

We listened to this song in Spanish class today. I was honestly surprised by how much I liked it.

I wish I had the energy to write an amazing awesome post, but --you guessed it-- I don't. I really, really should be getting to bed soon so let's stop typing now.

Wait. WAIT. I wanted to express my deepest apologies that Hurricane Irene is headed up the eastern US coast and not straight across Florida as they do. To my blogger friends that may be affected (Strawberry, Natalie, etc.) please be safe. As a veteran of "hunkering down," I urge you to stock up on books, lights, healthy yet delicious foods, water now. Also, the humidity sucks. Did I mention that I was sorry?

P.S. Things keep looking up. I'll tell you more tomorrow.


  1. I hope school tomorrow isn't too terrible! Get some rest! And don't worry, I think all the way over here in Pittsburgh we're only getting the very edgiest edge of it Irene, so everything should be a-okay. But thanks for the concern. :)

  2. >.> I have a secret love of Shakira.

    And don't worry. Your energy should be saved for school work. We can be witty once we've graduated.

  3. I hope everyone is okay on the east coast with all this crazy weather and earthquake nonsense. Oh and Shakira is definitely something fun to listen to!

    Hey I posted a video up :P

  4. Aw, thanks so much for your concern! :D We did go to the store and buy water and batteries. If we run out of decent food, we can subsist off of tuna and cereal for a while...Haha, no apologies for the weather! You guys can't get EVERY hurricane!

    Aw, your posts are always amazing and awesome! Haha, don't worry about posting something lengthy when you're so busy from school. There are more important things :D