August 12, 2011

Roses are red.

Sadly, I'm a tad too tired to properly write. I hope these photos will suffice for today.
Shirt -- JC Penney
Shorts -- Delia*s
Necklace -- F21
Watch -- Kohl's
Headband -- gift from the incredibly lovely Nicola

I got so many compliments on this headband today. I truly can't thank you enough, Nicola! Not just for this, but for everything you sent me this summer. I love it all! I'm really looking forward to our next package swap!


  1. The headband is so adorable! :) You look fabulous. I hope your first few days at school weren't too bad. At least it's the weekend now! Yay!

  2. That headband is sosososo cute!

    :( School will drain us all.

  3. Lovely headband! It works well for you!