August 13, 2011

Sleepy eyes.

I'm afraid my tiredness will once again result in a lame post. Remind me why I decided to do BEDA again?

Reorganizing my room aside, I haven't done much today. Well, I guess I did my physics homework, studied polyatomic ions for Chemistry and wrote a paragraph in Spanish. You know, three days in and I already have assignments. I just love being back in school!

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with my 2011 senior boys, Emilia and Kenzie at Cracker Barrel and it should be a good time. I refuse to accept my boys will be off at college by the end of this month. Lies!

Have a good weekend, everyone.


  1. Hey, don't give up on BEDA just yet! You're allowed to write lame posts.

    Yes, being back in school certainly sounds like the time of your life :) Hooray for seeing your friends!

  2. You already have that much homework after three whole days? Oh gosh I do not want to go blah why stop. :( I hope your Cracker Barrel shenanigans are super fun and you spend some quality time with your friends before they're off to the great beyond!

  3. I hope you have fun at Cracker Barrel! A lot of my friends are leaving around the 18th :/ NOOOOOO!

    And knowing the teachers at my school we'll have tests by the end of the week that we start. Ugh.

  4. 3 days, and already lots of homework!? thats rubbish. :(

  5. I need to re-organize/clean my room, badly. It's been forever. I have all of these idea on how to, but I keep forgetting. Haha, I need to find time to write them down.

    I'm sorry. :( Once you get into the groove, the homework load will seem to diminish. Also, just think about it, you get out of school a month-ish than most kids! (Still all about rocking Jessica Darling t-shirts at graduation? :D)

    I know! Most of my college friends are moving in this week. :( I love Cracker Barrel, though, and its country store! So many neat things to see.

    I hope you have a great weekend, too. <3