August 20, 2011

Swimming through sick lullabies.

I'm pretty sure everyone has at least one guilty pleasure. Mine is watching Degrassi. It's so stupid and yet so good. That said, I thought I would blog my reactions to two of the past four episodes. Here we go.

Title: Mr. Brightside, pt 1 (The Killers, eh? Reputable choice.)

Description: Drew's ultimate fighting training is the only thing keeping him together -- and it's barely doing that. If he loses that... what else will he lose? (Everything, perhaps?)

I'll be honest and don't care for this plot line. Kid's addicted to fighting. He's going to sustain injuries.

Meanwhile, this whole Ali/Dave relationship is cute. Oh, dang, Dave has to meet the parents. Wait, I seem to recall something similar happening with Ali's brother Sav. Yes, that's right. He invited Anya over "as a friend," she didn't like that, they dated anyway, she had a pregnancy scare, decided he wasn't worth it, crushed on her mom's cancer doctor, got rejected by him and the only college she applied to, started dating a chauvinistic pig, and, to top it all off, got addicted to cocaine. But I'm sure Ali/Dave's experience will be different.

LOL, Mrs. Bhandari "never misses The Mentalist."

Drew: "From who?" From who? FROM WHO? IT'S FROM WHOM. WITH AN M. IT'S CALLED GRAMMAR, DEGRASSI. USE IT. Okay, okay, yeah. I see what you did there. You're showing how fighting can decrease brain cells.

Drew: "Don't touch me." Yeah, he clearly does not have issues.

Aww, Ali might've ruined her chances with Dave. Sad face.

Next episode.

Title: Mr. Brightside, pt 2

Description: Alli's tired of sneaking around. And if anyone deserves her parents' blessing, it's Dave. Can she finally break down the Bhandari barrier? (Probably not.)

Drew looks like a young Rocky Balboa.

WHOA, they have inside sanctuary-type place within the school? Neat.

Hey, African-American kid whose name I don't know, chess club can be a lot of fun. If you were really Drew's friend you'd support his decision!

Holly J: "Kidney...kidney...kidney."
Holly J's birth mom: I can't just give you mine.
Holly J: Let's talk about prom instead.
Holly J's birth mom: Prom was one of the best nights of my life.

Yay, Dave/Ali are officially friend boy and friend girl! Wait...what?

Holly J got her birth mom to donate her kidney, Fiona got the perfect prom dress. Life is swell.

Katie and Drew, sitting in a tree, k-i-tae-kwon-do-ing?

Okay, that's enough. Homework won't do itself.


  1. My sister is addicted to Degrassi. I enjoy poking fun at the plots :P

  2. I have never watched Degrassi, but I certainly have enough guilty pleasure TVs shows otherwise to make up for it, haha. Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, everything on the Food Network... I could go on.

  3. I'm glad Ali and Dave got back together. I was a little let down with KC...I was really hoping he'd raise the baby on his own, but I was sure the writers wouldn't let that happen.

    Drew..goodness, he's been through a lot. Still he's no Spinner. I watched his Cancer episode last night. I have to admit, I liked Degrassi more, then. Maybe I have to watch the new episodes a few more time to savor them.

    Although, I like Jake and Clare together. I still wanted more of a schizo storyline for Eli. I was hoping Imogene was just a part of his imagination.