August 31, 2011

A tearful good-bye.

Since I’m ending BEDA today, I probably won’t be posting on here too often anymore. As most of you lovely readers know, I’m on twitter more frequently.

Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, in the near future I will be creating quality videos! I’m already planning collaborations with friends that should be awesome.

My 365 project on Flickr is sort of disappointing, but I'm working on changing that too. You can expect better quality, more conceptual photos in the next few weeks. That's a pinky promise.

Okay, college applications will now consume my life.

Have a nice day.


  1. Yay for finishing BEDA!

    I understand. Definitely.

    My blog is going to be deserted save for weekends, pretty much.

    Good luck to us all. :)

  2. Have a nice day, yourself! Congratulations on making it through the month. We'll all miss having a post from you every day :D

  3. Ok! I'm looking forward to your videos!

  4. I totally understand!

    I will be patiently awaiting your return!

  5. I'm a twitter person too haha, hope everything goes well!