August 08, 2011

Two, but more like one.

Can I just say how crappy Windows Movie Maker is? Seriously. I need new video editing software, pronto. Alas, the school supplies video will be posted tomorrow instead.

The good news? I have only two more days until school starts. But since today is almost over, it's more like one. There. I changed the title. Now it's official.

-- Segue. --

I've contemplated getting a Twitter account. Before you either leap down my throat or scream with glee, ('cause who wouldn't want to know my mundane thoughts?) please hear me out. I'm on the verge of entering arguably the most stressful year of high school and time will not be on my side. Junior year will have been so, so, so, so, so, so much easier. At least for me, anyway. I hate to be punished for wanting to challenge myself, yet that's what it feels like minus, any, y'know, physical bruises. Yet. (Fight Club is still on my list of books to read.) What if I could keep up with you all, just under 180 characters or less? My other option is queuing posts. That seems to only work with tumblr, though; especially if you don't mind missing real time events.
I figure twitter solves that problem? Maybe?

I could also access it via my phone, saving me the hassle of turning on my now dinosaur of a laptop (I've had it since I wrote my first blogger 2008) and getting it to cooperate. Maybe it isn't just Windows Movie Maker after all...

If I decide not to get a twitter, however, my content on here may probably will become a secondary photostream.

I really don't know. My future feels so uncertain.

While I go contemplate my life's meaning, here's a picture I took of homemade pizza.
You're welcome.


  1. That last line made me LOL. AND YES TO TWITTER. I love Twitter, I really do. It's kind of sad. BE SAD WITH ME! Haha.

  2. YUMMY.

    I made a Twitter forever ago, forgot about it and thought it was stupid, still think it's stupid but use it now anyways. As if 13828543 other social networking sites weren't enough, I somehow started getting addicted to that one as well. SO BE SAD WITH ME TOO! :D

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  4. TWITTER. Well, I have an account and I'll be frequenting it a lot over the school year because it's the only social networking site that my school HASN'T banned.

    The fact that you're ALREADY starting school makes me want to punch someone. Senior year is going to make me cry. And not because I'm sentimental, but because I'm going to be experiencing the same punishment for wanting to challenge myself.

    Let's all be sad together!