August 22, 2011

Wear sunscreen.

This photo was partially inspired by this awesome poem.

I recorded The Glee Project season finale and watched it this morning. While I'm gleeful (see what I did there?) all four of them get story-arcs, I think doing so diminishes the show's integrity. I mean, won't future contestants start to think 4th place is just as good as 1st? Or is that just me and my crazy thinking? Now, of course, I'm incredibly curious how their characters will be written into the series.

Yesterday I had my first official driving lesson. I found it strangely exhilarating. And I didn't do a bad job! That said, I basically just drove in an oval and practiced parking so, success is relative. I am not gonna lie, I am envious of friends that drive and have been driving already. I'll get there in a year.

My priority after my school work is college applications. Don't be surprised if in this last week and a day of BEDA I end up just spouting nonsense. My brain is getting quite the workout, I must say. For example, I have two tests tomorrow and a quiz. (Thank goodness physics was moved to Thursdays.)

I can't wait to get my disposable camera photos back from the drugstore! Cool story, bro.

Happy Monday!


  1. Cool about the driving!

    I'm so happy that Damien will be on Glee!

  2. I so agree about The Glee Project, I Didn't watch the show but when I found out the winners I was kind of mad. Anyway, on to a light subject I'll start driving lessons too in about a month or so so we can both blog about them together :P

    Oh and I am getting to posting the Death Cab low down now that I have some free time! (I kind taped majority of the concert XD)

  3. Yeah, I haven't watched the finale yet actually but I found it very disappointing that ALL of them won... I mean...really? That doesn't make it nearly as special! Oh well, I'm interested to see how their stories come into play too.

    I'm glad driving went well! :D If I can get my license, anyone can... haha. I learned how to parallel park in a day so I'm sure you'll be great!

    School. College. Ah. I will be there in exactly one week. Scary.

  4. Eh, the non-winners only get two episodes compared to the 7 episode arc that the winners got so their parts are going to be pretty small.

    I'm so glad Damien and Samuel won though. Damien is a dream boat, and I'm a sucker for dread locks...

    I have yet to start driving lessons because Texas is stupid and charges $250 for a mandatory course and my parents are making me pay for it myself :P

  5. I'm following driving lessons too! I've had a few already though. I suck, ha, but I have my exam in 2 weeks, so it's time to freak out! Hope you rock in the car ;)