August 28, 2011

What were you thinking?

I'll spare you guys the boring details of my day and just hit the highlights.

I think I did well on my English poetry analysis. I mean, I sure hope I interpreted the meaning correctly. It's embarrassing when our teacher reads aloud from papers and says, "DON'T DO THIS" or "THIS IS TOTALLY WRONG" and you worry it's yours. We're writing in-class papers/essays on a weekly basis, which sounds intimidating (and it is), but is entirely necessary to pass A-level. He's dropping our lowest grade this nine weeks, though, so I technically have a 100 in the class still. I'm a beast.

Meanwhile, I got a 71 on my physics test. Not so impressive, if you ask me. Fortunately there's time to improve!

The only other thing remotely exciting was my 100 on my psych test! I have a 100 in the class overall, too. Noticing a trend?

Calculus studying, here I come.



    Look at you with your perfect scores! You deserve a giant panda hug!

    Eh, physics was never really my strong point... as was chemistry.

    Love the jewelry! I love turquoise things :)

  2. Yeah, it's always hard to interpret things for English... I mean, how do YOU know if author meant for that tree to symbolize lost youth, or itw was just a tree? :P Meeeeeeow. 100% is rad though in all those other classes! Good job you!

  3. you are a beast!! haha. well done!
    keep up the amazing work!
    ps, in love with all your jewellery.