August 23, 2011

What you know.

The honeymoon period with school is officially over for me. Shizwits just got serious.

I had my first AICE Chemistry test today. I made the clever observation that the intense stormy weather reflected how the class felt about this test: doom! Even though it was fairly easy, I don't think I earned an A. Which is sad. I think I'm too good at over-thinking questions or not thinking enough. If only there was a class for that!

Sadly, I already know I got a 90 on my AP Calc quiz. Now my overall grade is an exact middle-of-the-road B average. Is it weird that I am slightly disgusted? If it is, then perhaps I pride myself too much on academic achievements. But isn't trying to earn straight A's an integral part of living in a highly competitive world nowadays? I feel like sometimes one's best is not the best. So how does one cope?

I think I aced my AICE Psychology test, though! Plus my paper was awesomely written and I just think it's an A effort.

To counteract my increasingly apathetic mood, I'm drinking strawberry kiwi Juicy Juice. It's only semi-effective. I'm don't think physics homework will be a good antidote either.

Latest English Lit essay grade: 85.


  1. The honeymoon period is exactly what that span of time when school is fun should be called. For the rest of the year, it's awful and no one likes it.

    Hey, you know what, don't feel bad! There's plenty of time to get your grades up, and you're smart enough to do it. Stay positive!

    Bah, apathy. You should do something fun. You should make brownies with someone. No one can be apathetic whilst eating brownies!

  2. Honestly, last year I finally stopped being so perfectionistic with my grades. Before I used to literally CRY if I got a B- on a test, but now I have to try to take everything with a grain of salt. I worked as hard as I could at honors precalc last year. Sometimes I got lucky and wound up with an A, other times despite hours of studying I still ended up failing a test. And funnily enough, the world didn't actually end! No, I didn't get straight As, but a B or B+ in honors precalc didn't kill me, and hopefully that isn't going to horrify a college enough that they reject me. So that's just my two cents. :) I think the important thing is to stress out a HEALTHY, BALANCED amount, which is something I struggled with. You have to find the happy medium being obsessive with grades and not giving a crap, haha.

  3. Well you're the hardest working person I know so I think at least that's pretty awesome right? Don't worry you only have a few more months left :)

  4. I tend to err on the side of not giving a crap if I get a bad grade after studying hard.

    Don't worry, I'm sure your grades will improve soon. You're so smart and studious and awesome that EVERYTHING WILL BE OK. Kay?

    Just think: Christmas is just around the corner! Break!

  5. you are so awesome!
    keep telling yourself that! :D