September 16, 2011

People couldn't believe what I'd become.

I've had a really crappy week. And since it was only technically four days with a student holiday on Monday, that's truly remarkable.

Before I go any further, I think it's important to mention my current physical condition. As of now, my jaw is slightly unaligned. My lips don't match up and it's frankly terrifying. The pain, however, has been intermittent so I was hesitant to make it into a bigger deal than it might be; I wasn't going to cry and drop everything. Besides, I half-figured it'd fix itself. I've 'popped' my jaw before, experienced mild pain, and then days later have been perfectly okay. I don't know what happened differently this time! My mom said it may be Temporomandibular joint disorder TMJD, but I have to wait until tomorrow morning to call the pediatrics office and ask for an appointment to be sure. I need this resolved for my sanity.

That said, I've had to battle an insanely draining, demanding slew of work the past four days. Not only did I have two Chemistry tests (that's not a typo; I seriously had two), I had an English paper to write, a psych paper, a psych test, a physics quiz, a Spanish test and an AP calc quiz. That's not even mentioning all the stress over college applications and running the math tutoring organization. It continues to amaze me how I'm not zombie. Oh wait, I sort of am right now.

Most embarrassingly, all my stress and feelings of inadequacy erupted into tears during sixth and seventh periods today. There were twenty minutes left until I could go home when I was called to the front office. I assumed my mom had somehow scheduled an appointment for my jaw. Well, no. Not the case at all. I walk in and it was none other than my best friend is sitting there and it was just so surreal that I started crying. She doesn't go to my school so to see here there, and coincidentally when I needed her most was amazing. She gave me a purse (pictured below) she's been meaning to give to me for a while. I decided not go back to class so we talked, hugged and caught up instead. It was perfect.
Excuse me while I continue to lovingly watch the Coldplay live stream from Austin City Lights.


  1. First off, I'm really sorry you've had such a bad week. I certainly hope that next week, and all the weeks after it, will be better. That being said, I admire how you're able to pull through all the stress! As for breaking down, you have nothing to be embarrassed about.

    Let's pretend this doesn't sound like an automated, counselor-esque response, shall we? :)

    Also, that bag is amazing, and so is your best friend :D

  2. oh lizzie.
    i am sorry to hear about what has been going on. i send you so much love.
    thats such a cute bag! :) and love the i love ALL your necklaces. hehe.
    much love xx

  3. I've been having a bad week too. I think it's just one of those horrible, horrible weeks. I really do feel your pain. I hope that your jaw feels better, because physical pain on top of the emotional stress of so much work is just not a good combination. In just a few short months this will all be over.

  4. Awe. I hope this week is 100 times better! I hate those kind of weeks...especially when they're supposed to be awesomely short. Hope your physical condition sorts itself out. That sucks. :(

    As for the craziness of school, remember to take a deep breath and enjoy your last year of high school. I realize this is easier said than done! AP classes and college applications are important, but also realize that this time in your life is temporary (the bad times AND the good times), so embrace the insanity of it all! It will make your life so much more enjoyable.

    I hope that didn't sound too preachy, especially coming from someone you barely know, but hey, we're (blog) family now! :)

  5. I hope your jaw is better! And your week and everything. I hate it when my blog friends have bad days.

    I love that you got to see your best friend though. That's wonderful.

    My best friend got to go to Austin City Limits. It's not even fair.

  6. What a cute bag! I'm so sorry about your rubbish week, I hope all of the above improve/sorts itself out really soon. x hivenn

  7. If it helps, college is much easier than all AP classes. I'm pre-med with most of my GEN EDS done and college is seriously easier than a schedule filled with AP. Unless you're in organic chem, because it's a bitch and I have tear-stained sheets to prove it.

  8. Ah, see, that was exactly why I was bothered when Kim suggested it :) I don't even LIKElike the guy, but, you know, a nickname's a nickname.

    It's okay! I wouldn't expect you to put your homework on delay just to comment on my blog :)