October 18, 2011

Things I meant to say: part one.

It's already been a few weeks since, but I never mentioned how much I enjoyed Spirit Week. I figured I had to make it count, being my last one and all. Kaitlin and I dressed up as Neon Trees for Neon Day. Hey, I thought it was clever. Fun fact: I painted my face so green people thought I was a goblin. Plus, we made matching iron-on t-shirts to explain our joke. No regretz.
The man lurking behind us is our physics teacher.

For Celebrity day, Aryn dressed up as Lady Gaga. She wasn't the only one, though (see: person in background to the right.)

I fell in love with Swanny's sunglasses then I fell in love with this picture of Swanny's sunglasses.

It was Extreme Twin day, so naturally Garrett showed up to school like this.

For era day, seniors were Roman/Greek and juniors were prehistoric. The caveman (fourth from the left) is the infamous Chem Boy I mention on twitter.

Spirit Day meant a s'mores party in AICE Chem.

Puja, Aniesa and I at our last high school homecoming pep rally. Good times, good times.

I didn't go to the Homecoming game that Friday because I had SAT Subject Tests the next morning. Yet, as my luck would have it, it ended up a truly remarkable victory for us in double overtime. I wish I could've gone; if nothing else to see the super tall, super cute quarterback in action. Funny story, I actually know him and he defies the stereotypical airhead jock. I'm not kidding, he watches 30 Rock and writes insightful comments on English papers -- or so my junior informants tell me. It's just not fair that he and I didn't become best friends in Spanish class last year.

I went to Homecoming in a sparkly, gold, sequin dress. I thought that, besides Patricia who wore her Ariel dress, I was by far the classiest. It's as if girls lose all self-respect that night and find it necessary to show off everything. Still, I got to see Zack for the first time since he left for college and generally had an alright time. My expectations were low to begin with, of course. I was too afraid to bring my DSLR to the event and thus the only photos I took are on my disposable camera. That reminds me, I need to get that developed soon.

As the title suggests, there will be a part two. Stay tuned.


  1. YAY <3

    See, my school is dumb, and we haven't done spirit week since sophomore year. I would even do it, even though no one else does, but nooo. Sigh. I love your outfit though. And your friend's Lady Gaga impersonation. And those sunglasses. Yes.

    One girl at homecoming had a dress that was SO SHORT if I had worn it, it would have literally been a shirt on me. It was bad. Ugh. The dance was... so odd for me. I just can't even talk about it. Boys are just ugh I give up on them forever and ever.

  2. So much spirit it's crazy. My school did a striped shirt day and that about sums up our creativity. :)

  3. CHEM BOY!!!
    glad you are having so much fun.

  4. Curse you. Now all of my life is revolving around, "When will there be a part two?" CURSE YOU, LIZZIE.

    I hope Part Two includes pictures of your dress! It sounds so pretty :D

    Spirit Week at my school is, well, spiritless. It's cool that yours is so great.

  5. Oh my God I forgot to respond to your comment on my blog. Now you get two!

    Considering I read your post and told myself I would comment when I was finished with, well, whatever I was doing, and here I am four days later...my comments officially suck more. Besides, it's just nice to hear from you again!

    That is such a good list.

    I've decided that this guy is my soul mate, by the way. I mean, if by February he shaves his head and starts speaking in rhyme, I may change my mind. But, for now.

    I hope life keeps treating you well as well :3