November 19, 2011

Right in front of you.

Last night I had my "directorial debut," as I've been calling it. Basically a few weeks ago my psychology teacher told me about a local Potluck Film Showcase and suggested I enter. I wasn't sure my claymation was the kind of short film the gallery was looking for, but I finally worked up the courage and submitted it. They graciously took it and even gave it the first slot.
Besides my work being shown to 30 something people in the community, which was really awesome by itself, I got to watch other amazing films, too. One was called 35 minutes and it was about the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. If you have about 15 minutes to sit down and watch, I highly recommend it. Being there, listening to the directors/actors, was an invaluable experience. I can only imagine going to these types of places in the Twin Cities. I am now more inspired than ever to get a MacBook Pro and start editing HD videos.
My friend Brianna came to support me! She and I will probably go get tea or coffee tomorrow and talk about Franny & Zooey. You know, adventures and photos await.
Today I went to the library with group mates to finish writing lyrics for my calculus semester exam. Every year students are asked to record a parody music video, rewriting the song to be about some math concept. My group has picked "I'm Sexy and I Know It" and has changed it to "I'm Tangent and I Know It." It's bound to be hilarious.

Lastly, I went to pick up the photos I had taken at Homecoming only to realize the photo of mine and Patricia's dress never took. This is why I should've woman-ed up and brought Cammy (my Canon T3) but I think I should also invest in a slim, yet affordable, digital camera. Any suggestions?

P.S. I am extraordinarily excited for the Blogger Family Secret Santa 2011!