December 20, 2011

17 things to do before I turn 18.

I was inspired by Lina's post.

1. Get accepted into college. (12/13/11)
2. Graduate high school with honors. (5/19/12)
3. Open an etsy shop.
4. Earn my AICE diploma.
5. Go on a date. (5/21/12 and 5/26/12)
6. Try new foods.
7. Lose weight/be healthier.
8. Acquire my driver's license.
9. Complete my 2011 reading challenge. (12/31/11)
10. Save more money for a trip to Scotland.
11. Become a better tennis player.
12. Pass my AP Calc A/B exam. (I didn't pass)
13. Watch An Education.
14. Edit HD videos I film.(3/22/12) 
15. Visit Islands of Adventures with friends.
16. Practice my Spanish so I am more fluent.
17. Move away from home.


  1. Love the list!! Hopefully you can finish all of it!

  2. Look on the bright side - if you can't get all of this done you can just do what I did. Now I have a 21 things to do before I'm 20 list :D

  3. I love lists like this. I cannot wait to do my 20 before 21.

  4. Yay! Number 1 is off the list. :) Hopefully everything else will be crossed off and accomplished in time! Woo.

    Yeah... numbers 5 and 12 would be nice for me to accomplish too but somehow I feel as though neither will happen. (Pessimistic realist? That's what I will call myself in this situation...)

  5. I love that picture!

    In seventh grade we had to write a list of 20 Things to do Before 20. I don't remember all of it, but I think I've completed five or six of them.

    Here's hoping you get through all of it, yes? :)

  6. Haha, it's true! And, yes, my school district is occasionally butts. Oh well.

    They are, and I do! Cupcakes are the best. So is the ridiculous amount of candy that one recieves on Christmas. Nom nom nom.

    You're right, she is. Not that that's unusual on F21, though ^.^ You know, I think I do too! I hope I can find it in the sprawling expanse that is the store!

    Thanks, you too! Merry Christmas! :D

    (My word verification is spermous (lol (i am immature)))

  7. I agree! I completely love it :D

    I'm not actually allowed to wear makeup outside of the house till I'm sixteen (sometimes I still do...shh), but I agree with what you said. I never wear it to school, though, because I have no time in the morning. I love playing with eyeshadow :3

    Merry Christmas! There are never too many times to say it :D