December 02, 2011

Don't look at me that way.

Honestly, I'm not sure how time has slipped by. But since it means I have less than six months left of high school and a mere two weeks until I learn if I got into my first choice college, I can't complain.

Clearly blogging has taken a backseat. What you'll never see on here, though, are the conversations the blogger family (yeah, the blogger family) has on a daily basis. We keep up with each other lives more instantly thanks to Facebook. That isn't to say we've given up blogging entirely. No, not at all. I think we'll always be here.

Thanksgiving break was quite relaxing. Both my brothers came home from college; there was ratatouille instead of turkey. It certainly made for a different kind of celebration. I did not participate in Black Friday shopping. I'm trying to save money when I can. I mean, visiting Seattle this summer would be surreal.

In regards to my 365 project, I'm nearing halfway, though I can't say I've improved much. Often I have to resort to taking a random photo of an object on my desk. It's pretty lame.

Besides busting out an awesome English paper, tomorrow I'm taking a trip to Hobby Lobby to stock up on Christmas and art supplies. I feel like I'm never as efficient in putting together a package as say, Shelby, but I try.

My tennis team went bowling last Tuesday. Here's a super quick stop motion I made from photos I took.


  1. The Facebook page really made all the difference. I love it and us so, so much.

    Shelby makes me feel really lame. Like, why is she so cool? God. But I'm sure that your package will be just as awesome and efficiently put together.

    I so hope you get into your first choice! Good luck!

  2. Happy to hear your Thanksgiving was relaxing! Good luck on all that college jazz. Just don't let it stress you out too much and you'll be golden.

    Also--I used poster putty (I'm sure there is a more technical term) to stick basically anything to everything. It's blue and doesn't dry out. I literally have a glob of it on my desk that I use and reuse. The garland I used good ol' tape! Can't wait to see your adorable dorm room when the time comes. :)

  3. Hey! Hopefully you get into your school :D It sounds like you've been having a pretty good time. So, yay!

  4. isn't this little community we have the greatest? it's pretty special.
    & i think that having food other than the traditional dishes for thanksgiving is pretty neat!