December 26, 2011

Everyday's like talking in your sleep.

Like Strawberry, I will do my best to present my gifts from yesterday in pictures. Honestly, though, I spent more time photographing all the presents when they were still wrapped. Forget the actual presents, I wanted to immortalize the beautiful matches of bows, papers and tags I pulled off. I mean, look at these.
Okay, the back ones on the left and right are from my grandmother.

The gifts: Belgian chocolate covered Oreos and a Georges Seurat puzzle.
(Plus Scotland and panda calendars, which you can barely see.)

On Thursday I went my mom and brother to see Arthur Christmas. It was so much funnier than the trailer made it out to be. It was really nice to be one of six people in the theater, even if it made my laughing more noticeable. Also, I just want to point out there's a scene when McAvoy's character yells "BRYONY" and I couldn't help think it wasn't the first time he's shouted that (see: Atonement). I wonder if that was intentional. Probably not.

Emilia and I exchanged presents this year.
She baked me these uber delicious cookies and made a splendid mix cd I listened to all Christmas Eve.
She's the best.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I leave you with this video I made with a gift I got yesterday. Enjoy!

What'd you do to celebrate?


  1. Now, I'm all for Seurat and Chocolate and of course Preps, but do you really need a "chocolate covered Oreo" covered Seurat? In all seriousness though, I'm extremely jealous of your Seurat puzzle.

    I think I might just borrow your stop-motion idea, by simple virtue of my lack of reading material...

  2. PRETTY PAPER. There's this one wrapping paper we have that's all blue and purple and green and snowman-y and it's just so FESTIVE.

    Mmmm. Cookies and mix CDs. Good combo.

    I like your stop motion. :D Bananagrams!

  3. What lovely presents and an amazing video! Happy holidays!

  4. Omgomg I was referenced.

    That movie is pretty spiffy! But it reminds me of the evil school project I have to do about meiosis, which makes me sad :(

    Your pictures, and presents, are lovely :D