January 07, 2012

Fall back in love eventually.

These past few days of my winter break have made me happy to be alive. Despite having to deal with snobby, holier-than-thou people who shall remain nameless for their safety*, I'm happy. And even if I have to deal with a computer that likes to randomly crash, I will be content. I think it helps I made a pact with a friend to talk with them every day. It helps me feel less alone, y'know?

Wednesday I went to Zack's house for a belated Hanukkah party. (I'm not Jewish, but holla if you are. I'm looking at you, Isaac.) He and Emilia prepared traditional Jewish food, which was delicious. I think this year I am going to love trying new foods. And, hopefully, it will inspire a healthier lifestyle.
From left: gluten-free latkes, kugel, brisket and gluten-full latkes.

After the yummy meal, the party dissolved into playing Super Smash Bros. Usually I hate this video game, but by some stroke of luck, I won quite a few brawls that night and liked it. I always play as the character Kirby, a beast in marshmallow-y disguise. Always. Even if everyone makes fun of me for it. They just don't know what's good.
My friends being my friends.

On Thursday I had an adventure with Brianna. We explored a local park while we took turns taking photos of each other. I still feel like I have a lot I can learn from her and every time I spend time for a photoshoot, I think I gradually improve as a photographer.
I think with school starting back up on Monday I will have to be a weekend blogger. I will miss this free time for sure.

Have a good week, everyone!

*The Blogger Family assault team is a thing, right?


  1. Latkas <3 And yay for a new year full of new food!

    Love the photoshoot pictures!

  2. Hooray for Jewish food! I'm a big fan of Matzo ball soup and gefilte fish.

    I don't like snobby, holier-than-thou people and I usually like to put dents in their egos, haha!

    Yes. There is an assault team. Most def.

  3. I love those head shots. They're all such pretty images.


    Also, I love your pictures, as usual.

  5. I have never had any Jewish food before. My Jewish friends better step up their game! It looks so good.

    Haha, I am a beast at Super Smash Bros.

    Your photos are gorgeous.

  6. really cool pictures - that food looks so tasty! x

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