January 15, 2012


With the new year came a new schedule for school. Instead of Economics Honors, I am taking American Government Honors. Both are requirements to graduate, but I waited until senior year to complete them because they are super easy. Don't get me wrong, the rest of my classes are rigorous as all get out. It's just nice to have a break in my day.

At any rate, I figured most people would take both semesters. Evidently not. Quite a few additions have been made in place of others. One such addition is a boy who I don't know the name of, yet has caught my eye. We'll call him Steve*.

My first impression was formed when, during a pseudo-discussion, he asked if he could respond to a comment I made. I've since forgotten what he said, but needless to say I thought it was intelligent and was duly noting his manner from then on. This was only the second day, mind you. As I left class, I peaked a glance at his paper in hopes of finding a name and was sorely disappointed.

Thursday we were asked to read from our textbooks and I noticed he was reading with intensity. Perhaps this means doing so requires his full concentration? I let myself interpret it, however, as a thirst for knowledge. He cares about an education! Who was this kid and why hadn't I seen him before? Is he from a different school? Is he a junior or a senior? Et cetera, et cetera.

Thursday afternoon I went to the bathroom and lo and behold he was descending the nearby staircase. My heart skipped a beat. Here was my chance to casually make conversation.

And then he spit.

I'm not sure I did well to hide my revulsion. My face literally scrunched up in disgust. I'm not sure if I even want to get to know him better now.

All of that to say I think it's amazing how quickly your impressions of someone can change. Has anything similar ever happened to you?

*Coincidentally that's also what I named my bull in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

P.S. I got all A's for the semester and I am beyond satisfied. Now my goal is to finish out my last semester of high school(!!) just as strong.


  1. GOOD JOB ON THE GRADES! I'm incredibly envious of those great students who work hard and get good grades. You are one of those people :O

    Shame about the guy. Maybe he'll have so many redeeming qualities you'll forget about his tendency to spit?--or maybe he isn't right for you anyway! It is funny how that works, though.

  2. YAY last half of senior year HIGH FIVE.

    Man. I do know the feeling. It's like "oh wow that guy is practically perfect in every way and not flawed at all" and then you realize that he hates Harry Potter or loves Nickelback or spits or something and it just ruins the whole thing...

  3. Eh, guys aren't perfect. I mean, I sure as heck am not perfect. For instance, it was so cold in December that I didn't shave my legs. At all. And yesterday I finally did because all of my jeans were in the laundry and I was hanging out with my friend.

    I'm sure guys would find that repulsive, but I don't think that should be counted against me.

    WOOO! Good job on your grades! We're almost done!