January 29, 2012

Love love.

I'm pleased with my blogging frequency lately, but I know I should be studying for math so I will try to make this short.*

Mostly my life has fallen into a monotonous routine: school, tennis practice, homework, sleep, repeat. I have not been reading as much as I would like nor painting/doing other creative projects. Hopefully this will change.

Speaking of tennis, though, I made varsity! The only downfall has been not doing well in essentially challenge matches against teammates. I think a lot of it is a mental block. I know I can do better so when I don't I get frustrated easily. My goal is to approach this next week with a renewed enthusiasm and love for the game.

I must give watching the 2012 Australian Open Men's Finals match credit for inspiration. I only wish I could play as well as Rafael Nadal(2) and Novak Djokovic(1)! Still, the sheer amount of effort both maintained during a gripping five hour match, was, for lack of a better word, awesome. Granted they have abs of steel (see below) and practice nearly all the time, I can't say I won't pretend I am them if I happen to hit a really good shot.
(Besides, Djokovic isn't bad to look at.)
And yes, he did tear his shirt off hulk- style moments after he won the championship.

I suppose there's nothing else new in my life. What about you?

What I've been listening to lately:
"High and Dry" by Radiohead
"Tighten Up" by The Black Keys

*I said that only to then spend the past half an hour just watching YouTube videos, completely forgetting I had started this. No regrets.


  1. I should be studying for bio but oh wait the internet happened.

    Congrats on varsity! I am horrible at anything involving hand/eye coordination so I give you extra props. Good luck getting back into the swing of things! I know nothing about tennis people but oh hi shirtless men.

  2. this is the year, as will all years, that will truly define us

  3. YAY I was totally creeping on your Macalester Facebook group page just now before I saw that comment. :)