January 18, 2012


So my friend Karen has recently started creating short films. If I haven't mentioned her photography before, I should've, since it has influenced me tremendously. Ritual is her first of probably many to come. I was utterly speechless after watching it. I think she wants to become a director one day, which would be awesome. She always gives the best movie recommendations.

Sorry for the short post; I hope everyone is doing well! Currently, I'm in the middle of tennis tryouts and tons of studying for tests this Friday. But perhaps I'll be back this weekend?

I make no promises.

P.S. Chem Boy...and I...


  1. So I just spent twenty minutes looking through her photographs when I remembered I had been about to go to bed. Wow.

    Chem boy! I'll be back this weekend. With a surpriiiiiise :D

  2. Neat video. :) She's got a creative eye!