February 20, 2012

Reuinted with the blogging world.

Apologies for dropping off the face of the Earth aside, I've been too busy for leisure activities! Actually, that's a lie. I still make time for TV, books, movies and...well, pretty much everything else besides blogging. I'm starting to think I should apologize.

Tennis has consumed my life. If I'm not at practice, I'm preparing to talk at practice so I can fulfill my duties as co-captain (it's kind of a long story) and if I'm not doing that, I'm cheering everyone else on at matches. That's right. I'm on Varsity...but I am two people shy of actually playing. I have since resolved my anger and embarrassment, yet the aftertaste of resentment lingers. By deciding I wouldn't just quit all-together (it certainly crossed my mind) I have sold my soul and am slowly suffering in misery instead. Don't get my wrong, I want the team to go far and to do well, I just feel like I'm being used to take pictures or boost morale with absolutely no compensation. And if having the title of co-captain is said compensation, I don't want it. We have our fourth match tomorrow and I am tempted to study physics throughout most of it. I won't be doing much else, anyway.
Posters for senior night/our first match of the season.

The new physics teacher has meant an uneasy transition. Most of my classmates worry he won't help us pass the exam, as do I. Now I dread the class, honestly, and am an avid clock watcher. It doesn't help that it's right before lunch, either.
We miss you, Coach Arrich!

So, Valentine's Day happened. I basically spent it handing out cupcakes to my friends and eating the excess frosting.
They were as delicious as they look.

I feel as though I should have more to say... oh, right! Like last year, I took a trip to University of Florida to tour the campus. Except, unlike last year, I got to visit with friends. Did I take pictures with friends? Nope, of course not. Here's what I did manage to capture, though:

(Insert pictures later, for now I must run to a retirement party for my 4th-6th grade teacher.)


  1. That's pretty frustrating that you're co captain and have to be at all of the matches and everything, but you can't actually play... I would definitely spend some of that time doing homework instead of just sitting there. Blagh.



    Sorry for yelling. I tend to do that a lot.

    And I understand about not being able to make time for blogging. I feel like the only time I do blog, it's to vent.

    You are a much better person than me for being able to support your tennis team, despite not being able to play.

    Best of luck with your new physics teacher--- I hope he teaches you guys well.

  3. Oh my gosh, so I was creeping on the people you added from Macalester (don't mind me... just Facebook stalking, y'know) and there's this one guy that is SO CUTE and he has great taste in everything and ahjkdfhgjdfkgdf. Yeah. Just wanted to point that out.

  4. those cupcakes look so good right now.

    also, the tennis situation seems shitty. give them hell. do your damn homework. i hate them for you.