March 11, 2012

An open letter to March.

Dear March,

I was worried you and I would get off to a bad start. You see, other months have hurt me before and I just wasn't sure if you'd be any different. Please forgive me. You are most certainly one of the best months I've encountered. And that's saying something. I'm not very good at basic arithmetic anymore thanks to AP Calculus, but trust me when I say 16.5 times 12 is a big number.

That is to say, I am very grateful to have you. You've granted me the pleasure of watching quality TV in the form of Lie to Me, Parks and Recreation and Raising Hope. You've let me play a good game of doubles in tennis. You gave me the courage to ask Chem Boy on a date, even if he replied with "maybe" and surprise, surprise, this weekend has been -- regrettably -- romance free. You've allowed me the chance take photos with my friend, Kelly, as well as get lost driving around with Puja,

Yet most importantly, you brought a 15-inch MacBook Pro into my life.
It's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

March, you're treating me well.

And needless to say, I look forward to spring break.


P.S. Bring me an iPhone 4?


  1. Oh my gosh, that laptop is gorgeous. Jealousy. It burns.

    Also AHH CHEM BOY. I hope that it turns out well <3 Whatever happens, it's impressive that you worked up the courage to ask him out in the first place.

    Happy March!

  2. MAC FOREVER!! Love the new laptop!

  3. Man. I would never ever ever be able to ask a boy out. Ever. Mad props to you.

    I won't get my macbook pro until august-ish :(

    Your's looks so awesome!!!

  4. I hope Chem Boy works out. The last time I told a guy I liked him was in 8th grade, over IM like a dumbass. He was super nice about it but I felt like an idiot...

    PRETTY MACBOOK AHHH GORGEOUS. I can't wait to get mine for college, too.