April 03, 2012

Don't be discouraged.

I made a promise to myself to go to sleep before midnight. It's 11:04 p.m. EST already and I don't know what I'm going to write about. As my Dad would say, I'm in deep yogurt.

Ideally I would blather on about what tennis has meant to me this past two years since the season ended recently. At the moment, though, I just don't have the patience. Or I would worry I was saying too much or not saying enough. I think, unlike other seniors on the team, tennis is still relatively new to me. They've experienced two different coaches over four years...and why am I suddenly making this about them? My only explanation is I have the team on my mind. While strictly winning was never our goal, I started to believe we had the potential to go all the way: win districts, advance to Regionals and whatever else after that. After day one of Districts today, I can sense we may have fallen just beneath the mark. I overheard another coach scolding his team to do well and that he would only be happy if he got to take a trophy home. (This team, I might add, are defending champions, but our #1 singles player this year beat their #1 singles girl quite handily. TAKE THAT.) Still, I am holding out hope we can pull off a win and title. It would certainly be an upset.

CRAP. I realize I have a sheep load of homework. I probably should go do that....

Good night, folks.


  1. i didn't realize you played tennis! how cool : ) i took classes when i was about 11 & really enjoyed it. i barely remember anything & probably wasn't that good, but i really liked it when i did play. so fun!

  2. For posterity: They lost at Regionals. :(