April 11, 2012

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

Actually, my title is not entirely true. I have some mild aches and pains, yet that's only because I've been building muscle and at the of the day, that's beautiful, right? So, yeah. Disregard.

Why I included said phrase was because I recently finished reading Slaughter-House Five. I loved the prose while I found the plot was at times incomprehensible. Overall, it was amazingly written and I highly recommend it. My friend Chris is going to try to read all of Vonnegut's novels and I can't wait to discuss this one in particular with him. Finally, I understand where the "everything was beautiful and nothing hurt" line comes from! I still don't understand what YOLO stands for, though, even after a friend said it the other day. Someone is going to have to explain that one to me again.

Regina is attending a local high school's production of A Very Potter Musical tonight and I think I'm going Friday with Nikki. I'm curious how awful (comparably so, to the original) or totally awesome it will be. Yes, I sang the totally awesome bit.

I am trying to be responsible and not eat all my Easter candy in one sitting so periodically I'll stand up, reach for the bag, then resume my sitting position.

Why won't physics study itself? Why won't these Spanish sentences write themselves?

Days until I graduate: 39
Days until exams are over: 66
Days until I start college: 143


  1. YOLO = You only live once.

    It's pretty much used as an excuse to do whatever you want to do, because you only live one.

    UGH. I personally find anyone who uses that phrase seriously to be an extreme moron.

    I love Kurt Vonnegut! You should read Harrison Bergeron if you get the chance!

  2. Not to creep on Lizzi's Harrison Bergeron comment, but that story was OKAY. I don't know haha Slaughterhouse-Five was really good! I had a friend who hated it because of the prose but I found it gave the story a sort of flow. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts though!

  3. one of my favorite books ever is Cat's Cradle. I really need to read more Vonnegut, though he has a great short story called 2BR02B and it's one story that I remember often, along with Cat's Cradle.