April 19, 2012

Exactly a month.

I can't believe it. Exactly 31 days from now I will be walking across my high school football field to receive my diploma. I graduate in a month. This is nuts, guys.

Until then, I will slowly die from exhaustion. My eyes just hurt to stay open and to function otherwise is equally torturous. We have two in-class English Lit papers to write every week, for the next few weeks, and revision for everything else is starting. I really need to try to read up on current events and "study" for thinking skills, though from what I hear the exam is kind of a joke. Still, those are fast approaching -- as you witnessed yesterday -- and I want to be prepared.

I went to a book sale at the library earlier and found some pretty good finds. I'll feature a picture of my "haul" in my post tomorrow.

On one last awesome note, my friend Simaya unexpectedly gave me a mix CD today. I think I'll give it a listen while I write about the ethics of animal research.

Days until I graduate: 31
Days until exams are over: 59
Days until I start college: 136

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  1. If you're really tired, maybe it would be worthwhile to take a power nap or something so you can do your work refreshed! Don't overtax yourself! <3