April 26, 2012

Hands on the wall.

 This was my class' wall before everyone put their handprints on it.  Tori, the designer and painter of the mural you see in the center, did an AMAZING job.  I seriously couldn't be happier.  Sure, I would've liked something different than the Mayan calendar as the overall theme, but I think she made it cooler and less cheesy than it could've been.  In the center is a raider, our mascot, and along the circumference are various club and sport logos.  Neat, huh?
 This still isn't everyone so tomorrow I will take another picture straight on for a better "before" and "after" photo.  I think it would've been awesome to film a time lapse of everyone putting there's up.  But alas, I can't take both lunches.

I'm so so so excited for the rest of the school year! Almost every day now there's a fun event -- and we've yet to get yearbooks!  Online we are currently voting for senior and teacher superlatives.  Some are so hard to pick! I guess I should just put myself for all of them.  (Just kidding.  I'm not that desperate to have my name and senior photo in the school newspaper.)  What's ridiculous is the number of people trying to campaign for these, defeating the entire purpose of choosing them.  Needless to say I've promptly ignored their cries for attention.

Here's a photo with my friends Aniesa and Puja!  We've been a solid trio since freshmen year, which I think is awesome.  We know each other so well and have more inside jokes than we could probably recite in one sitting.  I love it.

Oh, right.  I have that Physics lab to do from forever ago... YAY.

Hope you're having a good week.  It's almost Friday!

Days until I graduate: 24
Days until exams are over: 52
Days until I start college: 129


  1. Ah, the class wall looks awesome! Even if the whole 2012 end of the world thing may be a little expected it really does look great. I wish my school did fun things like yours seems to!

  2. I'm so jealous of your school and all of the cool activities that you guys do.